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Roller Barrier is an Effective Anti Climb Fence Topper


Our Roller Barrier anti climb system is now widely deployed as an effective anti climb fence topper, enhancing the performance of existing security fencing in a variety of installations. We are immensely proud of the versatility of our Roller Barrier design and the bespoke installations our team have successfully achieved. In this post we highlight just some of the many fencing and gateway Roller Barrier installations that demonstrate how adaptable and effective the system is.

Anti Climb Security Fencing Enhancement

There are many forms of security fencing, some of which feature anti climb mesh, sometimes called anti scale fencing. Unfortunately, while these systems are effective in preventing adults with adult sized feet and hands from climbing them they are far less effective against youngsters. And we all know how children are irresistibly attracted to anything that looks like it might be climbable.

Importantly, when implementing perimeter security to keep children out (or in), its absolutely essential that they should be protected from injury. And while spikey boundary wall tops and fencing sends a clear message to ‘keep out’ some of these anti climb spike based systems can potentially cause significant injury. This is why a non-aggressive yet highly effective anti climb barrier system is needed - and Roller Barrier clearly fulfills this requirement.

Railway Trackside Palisade Fencing Enhancement

railway trackside security fencing with roller barrier
Railway Trackside Security Fencing with Roller Barrier

The image above shows Palisade Fencing installed alongside a railway track in an urban area to prevent people from straying onto the active and highly dangerous railway lines. As can be seen, the original security fencing features a row of metal spikes which were considered potentially hazardous to anyone who might attempt to scale the fence.

Roller Barrier was installed above this aggressive row of spikes to both increase the height of the security fencing and to make the spikes far less of a hazard to any would-be trespassers.

The tough, galvanised steel mounting brackets were specially designed by experts at Insight Security to ensure that the Roller Barrier could be reliably supported by brackets spaced no more than 2 metres apart. And as can be seen, the Roller Cups along with these specially designed mounting brackets were colour matched to the green of the existing fence and also to blend with the local environment.

Since this existing security fencing was enhanced with Roller Barrier, trespass onto the railway lines in this area has been completely stopped. 

Wooden Fencing Becomes Anti Climb

nz bird sanctuary wooden fencing with roller barrier topping
New Zealand Bird Sanctuary Wooden Fencing with Roller Barrier

Wooden fencing is one of the most commonly used forms of perimeter fencing. Unlike mesh fencing it provides protection from the wind and offers a high level of privacy. But unfortunately, it can be relatively easy to scale and climb over.

The image above shows wooden fencing that forms the perimeter between a protected Bird Sanctuary in New Zealand and a tidal beach. Roller Barrier was installed to prevent egg thieves and other unwelcome intruders from gaining access to the sanctuary from the beachside perimeter. 

Box Section and Mesh Fence Security Enhancement

box section mesh fence roller barrier
Box Section and Mesh Security Fence with Roller Barrier

Here’s a great example of how Roller Barrier has enhanced anti climb security of an existing steel box section and mesh security fence.

In this case, the Roller Barrier mounting brackets were bolted directly to the tough steel box sections. And as well as the conventional horizontal Roller Barrier runs this installation required a vertical section to prevent intruders climbing around the security barrier. 

Large Format Mesh Fence Panel Enhancement

security gate fence with roller barrier
Gate and Mesh Security Fence with Roller Barrier

The large format mesh fence panels used at this Pupil Referral Centre are a good example of security fencing that’s ineffective when youngsters are involved. The dimensions of the security mesh provide ideal handholds for pupils, enabling them to scale the fence and clamber over.

The solution required the installation of 358 anti climb mesh to the uppermost one metre of the existing fence and Roller Barrier along both the fence and gate top. The tighter 358 security mesh prevents pupils from gaining a handhold and Roller Barrier ensures totally non-aggressive anti-intruder protection. 

Roller Barrier Plugs the Gaps

roller barrier under gate and fence
Roller Barrier Safely Blocks Gaps Under Gate and Fencing

This image shows a gated entrance featuring anti climb spikes along both the gate and fence tops flanking the gateway. While these aggressive anti climb spikes were performing well as a deterrent to would-be intruders it was discovered that rough sleepers and drug users were gaining access to the property by simply sliding through the gap that existed between the ground and the bottom of the gate and fence structure.

Roller Barrier was selected to fill this gap and safely prevent intruders from gaining access to the property via this route without risk of causing injury or impeding the gates when they were opened. 

Mesh Security Fencing Enhancement

mesh security fencing with roller barrier
Mesh Security Fencing with Roller Barrier

The image shows an excellent example of how Roller Barrier can be effectively deployed to safely enhance the security provided by an existing mesh fence.

This installation required Roller Barrier support brackets spaced at 1 metre intervals. Robust Roller Barrier support was achieved with brackets on one side of the mesh bolted to bracing plates on the other, forming a stable mesh sandwich.

This is another example where green coloured Roller Barrier was used to both match the fencing and the environment. 

Non Aggressive Anti Climb Protection for Children’s Play Area

childrens play area anti climb mesh fence with roller barrier
Children`s Play Area Secured with Roller Barrier

As noted, children will attempt to climb almost anything that looks like it might be climbable. Fencing around a play area is therefore an immediate attraction so its absolutely vital that anti climb protection is totally harmless.

To prevent unwanted intruders from accessing this newly erected play area a wooden top rail was installed along the upper edge of the mesh security fencing to support Roller Barrier.

With Roller Barrier installed intruders have been entirely prevented from climbing over the fence and the non-aggressive design means the risk of injury is almost irradicated. 

Double Row Roller Barrier Provides Rooftop Protection

flat roof anti climb protection with roller barrier
Access to Flat Roof Protected with Roller Barrier

This interesting and challenging Roller Barrier installation involved a mixture of both single and double row Roller Barrier to prevent intruders from gaining access to the building’s flat roof and the tops of the steel security fence box sections.

The image shows how the curved section of fencing was matched with a radiused section of Roller Barrier that maintained the aesthetics of the installation.

If you take a close look at the lighting pole that’s immediately adjacent to the security fencing you can see how this has been protected with a spiked anti climb collar to prevent it from being used as a climbing aid to gain access to the property.

If you have any questions about perimeter security remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 30th September 2021

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