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Roller Barrier Meeting USA Demand


We’ve said it before and we’re happy to say it again - we are immensely proud of our Roller Barrier anti climb system, designed and developed by anti-climb experts here at Insight Security and manufactured by us in the UK. Roller Barrier is now widely used around the world, safely and non-aggressively preventing people from climbing where they are not supposed to.

The benefits of our Roller Barrier system are becoming increasingly recognised by establishments where its absolutely essential to deter and prevent people from climbing while at the same time keeping them safe from harm. The non-aggressive, non-threatening appearance of Roller Barrier is an important attribute in situations where people may be prone to experiencing anxiety that can be triggered by nasty looking spiked anti climb systems.

Roller Barrier manufactured by Insight Security
Roller Barrier manufactured by Insight Security in the UK.

Prisons, detention centres and correctional facilities are now using Roller Barrier to prevent inmates from climbing onto structures and equipment which they’ve previously targeted, often causing a great deal of expense and sometimes damage. We are pleased to see how our anti climb solution is helping these establishments keep people safe and save costs.

USA Correctional Facilities

The American criminal justice system currently holds around 2.3 million people. There are over 1800 state prisons along with 110 federal prisons, over 1700 juvenile correctional facilities, around 3100 local jails as well as immigration detention facilities, Indian Country jails and military prisons. All of these establishments face the daily challenge of keeping their inmates safe and secure.

Correctional authorities are required to ensure that the conditions of confinement meet stringent regulations to ensure the health and safety of prisoners and staff. All facilities must be well maintained and authorities are required to make certain they exercise their duty of care to keep people as safe as possible. This means identifying areas where there is the risk of climbing and taking sensible, effective anti climb precautions.

Insight Security is now working closely with USA correctional authorities to deploy Roller Barrier to various institutions where it’s being used to stop climbing, keep people safe and prevent damage.

Made in the UK

We manufacture Roller Barrier, to extremely high standards, right here in the UK, taking great care in every aspect of the process. We ensure the use of high quality materials, stringent quality control and pay special attention to shipping and delivery. Providing the very best customer service has been the foundation of our success and we always strive to exceed customer expectations and ensure satisfaction regardless of whether a client is big or small.

Here are a few images showing a recent Roller Barrier consignment being prepared for shipping to the USA where it’s destined to be installed in correctional facilities to prevent unwanted climbing and keep people safe.

Roller Barrier cups packed for shipping
Roller Barrier Cups - Packed for Shipping


Roller Barrier parts prepared for shipping
Roller Barrier Parts - Off to the USA


roller barrier parts in shipping container
Loading the Shipping Container with Roller Barrier for the USA


Shipping Container full of Roller Barrier Despatched to the USA


Retro Installation of Roller Barrier

One of Roller Barrier’s key attributes is the system’s versatility. The clever simplicity of our Roller Barrier design makes it highly versatile enabling it to be readily installed into situations which were never originally designed to accept conventional anti climb barriers.

Flat rooftops, for example, often attract unwanted climbers. Roller Barrier has been successfully deployed in many situations to deter and safely prevent people from climbing onto flat roofs. Another example, derived from prisons in the UK, has been preventing inmates from climbing onto internal ledges where prison staff would have great difficulty in safely getting them to climb down. And a further example has been using Roller Barrier to protect equipment housings which were sometimes being climbed on, putting the climbers at risk and sometimes causing expensive damage.

Roller Barrier Saves Money

An important result from installing Roller Barrier in and around prisons, detention centres and correctional institutes has been a significant reduction in costs. As well as the cost of damage caused by climbers there is significant expense involved in persuading and helping inmates climb down from whatever they have climbed. This challenging and often difficult process generally requires the involvement of multiple prison officers or members of staff and the costs involved can be incredibly high. This is one of the key reasons why climbing prevention must always be a priority in these situations which is why Roller Barrier is increasingly welcomed by prisons and those who work in them.

If you need help with perimeter security or anti climb solutions please give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Wednesday 25th November 2020

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