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Roller Barrier Provides Intruder Defence for Academy Trust


When Manor Multi Academy Trust needed an effective anti-climb solution to protect their Primary School against unwelcome intruders Roller Barrier provided exactly what was needed. James Rowden, Premises Manager for the Academy Trust, described how intruders were putting themselves at risk, by climbing onto rooftops, and then causing costly damage by breaking into the building via first floor windows. Insight Security worked closely with James to assess what was required and devise an effective solution that immediately solved the problem.

This case study provides a complete description of the challenges faced by Manor Multi Academy Trust along with details of how the project was managed by Insight Security. COVID related restrictions imposed some significant constraints which were overcome with the aid of technology and excellent customer communications.

Here’s how the Premises Manager, James Rowden, described their problem and how this was successfully addressed by Insight Security and Roller Barrier.

The Intruder Problem

Following months of intruder attacks at our school, which gradually increased in frequency, it became clear that we would have to invest in new measures to put a stop to them.

As well as putting themselves at risk of personal injury by climbing onto our building roofs, the intruders were also causing significant and costly damage and when they finally started breaking into the building via windows off the roof, we faced even higher remedial costs as a result of internal damage caused and theft of items.

As the Premises Manager, I was searching the market for anti-climb systems that were specifically “not a type of metal spike” and which looked less aggressive, due to this being a primary school building which we did not want to make look like a prison.

I was very pleased therefore when I came across the Roller Barrier Anti Climb system, designed and manufactured in the UK by Insight Security, which looked to be just what we needed.

Surveying the Site During the COVID Pandemic

I was initially disappointed that given Covid imposed travel restrictions, Insight were unable to schedule an early site survey, as I thought it would be very hard to quote and correctly specify exactly what was needed given the complex nature and structure of our building.

However, following emails and a couple of telephone conversations with the Insight team, the clear guidance and helpful documentation they supplied, allowed me to quickly gain a good understanding of the Roller Barrier product, how it worked and of the installation process.
I felt assured therefore that they would be able to quote correctly from the photos and measurements I was asked to send to them.

Formulating the Anti Climb Solution

I used a combination of my iPad for taking photos and then my laptop (with Microsoft publisher and Word) to mark up the photos and building plans with measurements and comments where appropriate.

Bespoke Design & Manufacture

When Insight received my annotated photos, it quickly became apparent that while the standard Roller Barrier product would be suitable for use in some areas, there were other areas which would require a bespoke solution, including the manufacture of various special brackets.

The Insight team quickly produced drawings for the bespoke brackets and asked me to confirm the measurements for these that they had calculated based on the information I had sent, and also offered a clear explanation of how everything could be installed to provide the best protection for our site. We evaluated and accepted their proposed solution and so the project moved quickly forward.

The manufacture of the bespoke brackets and other items was completed within just 2 weeks and the installation was scheduled to be carried out by the Insight installation team during the quiet period between Christmas and New Year.

Roller Barrier Installation

The 2 man Insight installation team arrived as scheduled and completed the work in just 3 days, during the Christmas holidays, which was ideal as we were expecting further break-ins over that period.

The Results

The installed Roller Barrier solution is both impressive and yet discreet. It has certainly achieved what we were looking for from an appearance point of view, it does not look at all aggressive or intimidating.

It has however demonstrated itself to be very effective, as since its installation some 3 months ago, we have had no further break-ins or damage to the roof.

James Rowden
Premises Manager for Manor Multi Academy Trust

Insight Security Project Summary

We would like to thank James for his professionalism and help in providing all the information we needed to devise the bespoke security solution required by the Academy Trust. We would also like to thank the Trust for allowing us to use this case study which will potentially be helpful to others as it demonstrates how, by following a few simple steps, an economical, attractive, safe and highly effective anti-climb security solution can be readily devised and implemented.

Site Survey Images and Measurements

As noted, COVID restrictions meant that our standard Roller Barrier site survey procedures were not possible so we relied on our client, James, to provide what was required. Below you can see some of the excellent images he created, carefully annotated to clearly show various dimensions. These enabled us to calculate how much Roller Barrier was needed and determine the support bracket requirements for each section.

Additional helpful comments and feedback from our client alerted us to roof height variations and the tiered multi-level cladding. This valuable information enabled us to design special, bespoke brackets of various sizes, to support Roller Barrier at specific locations around the building.

Determining how to fix Roller Barrier in place to protect the covered ground floor walkway was one of the challenges faced. But with the aid of the excellent information provided by James we were able to design special clamp type brackets which were then attached to the steel box-section support posts.

Luckily, James was able to use word processing and desktop publishing software to annotate his images and provide the information we needed. But it should be noted that other customers have successfully provided details of their requirements by simply writing dimensions and details on their site survey photos.

Providing a site plan along with some images of the areas in which Roller Barrier is to be installed is an excellent starting point from which our experienced team can devise a proposal that will meet customers’ requirements.

In this case, we were able to identify the various types of Roller Barrier support brackets required, based on the excellent collection of images provided by James. Detailed photos of each section of the building, taken from multiple viewpoints, along with general views of the Primary School and feedback from our client provided everything we needed to come up with a robust security solution.

Primary School Site Survey Images

As noted, the site survey was effectively conducted remotely by using carefully annotated images along with supporting feedback from the client. Here are some of the annotated images provided by James that enabled us to determine the necessary Roller Barrier components.


manor school site plan
Siteplan showing areas where Roller Barrier was needed.

Here’s the Primary School siteplan annotated to show where Roller Barrier was to be installed along with important dimensions. This, along with additional site images, provided a great starting point for the project.


manor school building dimensions
Image showing building dimensions along with doorways and windows.

This image provides valuable building dimensions that enabled us to calculate the length of the Roller Barrier runs and how much would therefore be required. The image also alerted our team to potential issues in positioning Roller Barrier support brackets due to the location of doors and windows. It was concluded that a combination of standard and bespoke brackets were needed.


manor school dimensions and overview
Dimension details and general view.

This image shows both detailed, dimension information along with a general view of the area which was a great help to our team.


manor school walkway and clamp
Ground floor walkway presents Roller Barrier mounting challenge.

The ground floor walkway didn’t provide any timber or brick structural elements to which Roller Barrier support brackets could be firmly affixed. Also, the rain guttering was another obstacle that had to be accommodated. Our solution was a bespoke bracket, specially designed to firmly clamp to the existing steel box-section support pillars.


bespoke roller barrier j clamp bracket
Bespoke Roller Barrier clamp-bracket design



manor school walkway
Ground floor walkway dimensions.

This overall view of the ground floor walkway, annotated with accurate dimensions, enabled us to determine how much Roller Barrier was required as well as the number of specially designed clamp-brackets necessary to support it.

Installed Roller Barrier Images

Here are just a few images of the completed Roller Barrier installation at this Primary School. While the image quality isn’t great the images demonstrate how unobtrusive and totally non-aggressive the Roller Barrier anti climb system is. They also demonstrate the system’s versatility and how, with the addition of some carefully considered support bracket designs, Roller Barrier can be installed almost anywhere.


manor school roller barrier installed at various roof heights
Roof height variations require various Roller Barrier support brackets.

This image shows the variation in roof height which required the use of both standard and bespoke Roller Barrier support brackets.


manor school roller barrier install with standard brackets
Roller Barrier installed using standard universal support brackets.

This image shows a section of this installation which required only the standard, universal Roller Barrier support brackets. The unobtrusive, non-aggressive, attractive appearance of Roller Barrier is very apparent.


manor school roller barrier on walkway roof
Roller Barrier protecting the ground floor walkway rooftop.

This image shows Roller Barrier installed to protect the roof of the ground floor walkway. Specially designed clamping support brackets were used to avoid drilling into the steel support pillars. These were fixed in place using anti tamper fastenings.


manor school roller barrier gate and fence install
Gate and fence climbing prevented with Roller Barrier

Roller Barrier was installed on gates and fencing using a combination of bracket type supports and wall fittings. This prevents intruders from climbing over while allowing gates to open easily and safely.


manor school roller barrier end cap
Roller Barrier end cap detail.

The ends of each Roller Barrier run were neatly terminated with special security collars and end caps as shown.

Our client has reported that, since the installation was completed, the Primary School has not suffered from any further break-ins or damage to their roof. Previously they were experiencing escalating issues almost ever week.

The project has demonstrated how the combination of Insight Security product knowledge and expertise along with invaluable site assessment and photography, carried out by the client, have worked together to deliver a very successful installation.

If you would like to discuss how Roller Barrier could be used effectively at your premises, we would be delighted to speak with you, so please give us a call on: 01273 475500.

This message was added on Thursday 25th March 2021


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