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Roller Barrier Shaft and Roller Cups – One Metre Set - excl. brackets

Product code: PS RBESAC1M

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Our one metre anti-climb spinner set includes the central shaft and 10 Roller Cups.



1 - 50£49.50 ex VAT

51 - 100£47.50 ex VAT

101 + Call us on 01273 475500


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Roller Barrier Shaft and Roller Cups – One Metre Set - excl. brackets SKU Number - PSR01610

Designed and manufactured by Insight Security, Roller Barrier is a highly effective, easily installed anti climb device widely used for effective perimeter security and climbing protection, avoiding the risk of causing injury.

Roller Barrier anti climb spinners are sold as individual components or in convenient Single Row sets, priced by the metre as offered here.

The per metre set includes: the central shaft, plus 10 Roller Cups.

When you purchase multiple sets at one time, we include 1 Shaft Joining Spigot for each 2 metres you purchase, to allow you to join Shafts together to form a continuous run as required. Spigots are also available as a separate component.

Colour Options

The standard Roller Cups are black, but coloured Cups, including green, white, anthracite grey & ultramarine blue are also typically available from stock for a small price supplement.

Bespoke Cups can also be manufactured in any standard RAL colour subject to a minimum order quantity of 1,000 Cups (equal to100 installed metres).

The Central Shaft onto which the Roller Cups are threaded are also available as a separate 2 metre long component.

Optional Extras

This Roller Barrier Set is a quick and easy way to buy Roller Barrier, but for your specific installation, you may also need: 

  • Shaft End Fixings are required at each end, of every installed Roller Barrier run (choice of fixing types available).
  • Extra Central Shafts
  • Extra Joining Spigots
  • Mounting Brackets (to support the Roller Barrier Shaft and Cups).
  • Bracing Plates (most typically only needed when installing Mounting Brackets onto steel mesh fencing)
  • Optional fixings for mounting brackets, such as our popular Atlas Bolts, which are suitable for fixing Mounting brackets to brick, masonry, or timber joists. (Note - we do not supply fixings as standard as it is important to use the right type of fixing, which will be the type most suitable for the site where the Roller Barrier is to be installed).
  • Warning Signs (display of warning signage is recomended at domestic installations and are likely to be a legal requirement at non domestic installations). 


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Shipping -

As product is classed as Long/Heavy/Bulky our couriers have implemented extra shipping costs to get the product through their network, for quantities of more than 5m+ of this product, we have absorbed some of the extra cost however we have had to pass some on in the form of a shipping supplement.

Unboxing a new purchase can be a chore, but to minimise our impact on the environment, Insight Security supply goods packed with the minimum amount of recyclable packaging needed to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for you to unpack.

Here’s what`s inside the product pack


Roller Barrier 2 metre pack

Roller Barrier Standard 2 metre pack content

  1x 2 Metre Central Shaft
  1x Joining Spigot (for joining shafts together to increase length of a run) 
20x Roller Barrier Roller Cups

Note: other lengths of Roller Barrier can be purchased which will have an appropriate mix of products.

In addition to the standard pack content, you will also need to order additional components, to meet the needs of your specific installation.

Extra requirements may include

  - Mounting Brackets
  - End Fixings
  - Warning Signs
  - Appropriate fixing bolts or screws as appropriate for your installation

The friendly Insight Security Sales Team will be happy to discuss your needs and help you to identify exactly what you need for your project.

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Very good service and advice. Easy to fit product which adds extra security to my property.

Trevor Hall

Great service from Insight. i placed my order on the Wednesday order arrived next day. our team that installed them found it easy to install. It is a shame you do not come to site to advise the customer the best way of installing the system.As it would be nice to put a face to a potential client / contractor. All in all the product is great and the staff that dealt with us were very helpful.

Jason Aston

excellent service and delivery time

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