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Roller Barrier Videos


Manufactured in the UK by ourselves (Insight Security), Roller Barrier was originally developed to tackle a problem at a busy drug user rehabilitation centre, since which time it has become the established, non-aggressive, anti-climb system of choice, for use in many sensitive environments where children or other vulnerable people are present.

Safety by Design:

Unlike more aggressive anti-climb barriers, featuring spikes or blades, which could cause impalement or other serious injuries, Roller Barrier is the effective yet safe option, which eliminates the possibility of such injuries.

Children are naturally adventurous, but may not always appreciate the risk of injury they may face when trying to clamber over an installed barrier. For that reason, Roller Barrier offers the perfect solution for use where children need to be protected from injury by the barrier, while at the same time, being prevented from climbing into or onto roofs, fences or other structures.

The same safe deterrent requirement applies to other vulnerable persons or groups that may suffer from permanent or temporarily impaired judgement. Drugs and alcohol are two obvious causes of temporary impairment, but whatever the cause, Roller Barrier offers a safe anti-climb solution.

Keeping people in, and keeping intruders out:

At the initial drug rehabilitation centre, the barrier was designed to prevent patients from absconding over a perimeter fence, but as the Roller Barrier Anti-climb Device has evolved, it has become widely used to keep people both within and out of designated areas, or off of structures such as roofs and so on.   

Although the basic concept of Roller Barrier is a simple one, it has taken many years to develop the product, to ensure that the robust polycarbonate, recyclable Roller Cups, are not only UV stabilised to ensure many years of operational life, even in extreme environments such as tropical summers, but do not represent a fire hazard.

Roller Barrier Users:

Roller Barrier is used throughout the UK and is also installed worldwide in countries from the USA and Canada in the northern hemisphere, to Australia and New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Major Users include:

  • Schools.
  • Hospitals.
  • Prisons and Young Offender Institutions.
  • Psychiatric Hospitals and Secure Medical Facilities.
  • and lots more.


Roller Barrier Videos:

The videos shown below offer more information about this versatile product. Simply click on the Video image to watch each video.

Note: see also our Main Roller Barrier web page for more information.

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