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Rotalok Padlocks

ROTALOK - High Security Padlocks - This page is for information only as Rotalok are no longer available. 

When choosing a high security padlock, it is important to recognise that it could be subjected to various extreme forms of attack. Popular forms of attack include: drilling, freezing, hammering, lock picking, sawing, cropping and using a pipe wrench or stillson. The pipe wrench technique is among the most popular forms of attack and, as shown in the image on the right, will easily destroy all but the most robust padlocks.

Our unique ROTALOK High Security Padlocks offer protection against all of the above forms of attack, and have even been provided with a NATO Stock Number.

ROTALOK locks have gained a well-deserved excellent reputation for reliability and security, yet they are still very competitively priced when compared with other high security padlocks. They are chosen and used by the MOD and NATO Forces around the world. In tests wherein the Merseyside Fire & Civil Defence Authority used industrial strength hydraulic cutters, of the type used by the Fire Service, to attack the special steel alloy padlock shackle, the blades on the hydraulic cutters failed before the ROTALOK padlock shackle could be cut!

The unique ROTALOK padlock design, which features a rotating outer sleeve, prevents any grip or purchase for the most common Pipe Wrench, Stillson based attack. All body parts of these padlocks are made from high quality hardened steel and the special 12mm shackle is treated to achieve even greater toughness and ductility for given hardness.

A double segment anti-drill cut out in the base helps protects these padlocks against attempts to drill out the lock cylinder. Ideal for use with heavy duty chains (see security chains), heavy duty Padbars, or the special heavy duty shrouded Pad-Bracket.

Choice of Insurance approved Europrofile or Multi-Lock cylinders offers the facility to key your ROTALOK`s alike with existing door locks, etc.  Locks are available in Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike (to pass) or Master Keyed formats.     


Available in "Open Shackle", "Semi Enclosed" and "Fully Enclosed" Shackle Forms (all fitted as standard with an Insurance approved 6 pin cylinder).

All three ROTALOK models measure 95 mm high by 60 mm diameter and have 12 mm shackle diameter and 6 pin locking elements.

Vertical and Horizontal clearance on all models is 21.5 mm

Remember - heavy duty chains, brackets, etc., should be used with the ROTALOK to maintain the overall security level required.

ROTALOK High Security Padlocks

PD R01(left)      PD R01SE (right)

Why Trust Rotalok!

Simple - a pipe wrench or Stillson can defeat all but the most robust of conventional style padlocks ...but not the Rotalok

Here are some examples of conventional padlocks wrecked by a Stilson!



General schematic of the Rotalok

Security Advice and Product Recommendations

Follow these links to find some helpful advice on padlock selection along with some useful links to recommended padlock products.



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