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RoundLock RL21 - Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Dumbbell Type Lock

Product code: PD RL21

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Neat, compact and extremely difficult to defeat, this lock is the ideal choice for use with our Protector 13 to 16mm high security chains



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RoundLock RL21 - Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold Dumbbell Type Lock SKU Number - LKP42010

We have long been fans of the Dumbbell style of padlock, which when used appropriately with a security chain, prove highly effective and very difficult to attack.


We are therefore delighted to add the High Security Pragmasis RL21 RoundLock to our range, which has achieved "SOLD SECURE MOTORCYCLE GOLD" accreditation and is ideally suited to use with our serious security Pragmasis Protector Chains (13mm, 16mm chains).


Using the Roundlock as a Disc Lock:

The Pragmasis RL21 RoundLock doubles as a very compact and convenient disc lock, and as it weighs just 0.55kg it`s easy and practical to carry. 

The RoundLock is acknowledged by Bennetts as pretty much indestructable and a great value disk lock, however, if ordering it to use it as a disc lock, please ensure that there is a large enough aperture through the disc brake to accommodate the 21mm Pin element of the lock body and that the 15mm Vertical Shackle Clearance is OK for your applicaton.

It is suitable for use as a motorcycle disc lock for most motorbikes, but may not suit some motor scooters which have smaller apertures to fit through.

Using the RoundLock with a Security Chain:

The RL21 is designed for use with Protector Chains up to 19mm, although the standard lock can only be used with chains up to 16mm and you will need the additional special RL21A socket if you want to use the lock with the 19mm chain. The RL21A socket is available to buy as a separate item, or there is a special bundled pack which includes the standard RoundLock plus the RL21A socket.

The lock comes with three keys as standard, and locks can be keyed alike to other RoundLocks for a small extra charge (please call us; 01273 475500 to discuss your needs). Keyed Alike RoundLocks are a great option for those using a RoundLock with their security chain, and another unit as a motorbike disc lock. 


Resistance to attack

When tested in use with a 19mm Protector Security Chain by Bennetts - the Bike Insurance Specialists in Oct 2017, this was the result;

...the RoundLock is an excellent piece of kit, fitting snugly against the edges of the chain`s links, making it very difficult to attack.

When attacked with a sledgehammer, the lock merely deformed (the shape of the lock itself makes it very difficult to hit squarely).

It`s inaccessible with bolt croppers, and is so thick that an angle grinder attack causes little damage – in fact the chain is the easier option for a crook to attack ...and that is also a very tough cookie to crack!


Please Note: PD RL21 & 21A Roundlocks are not suitable for use with our 14mm Quadlink Chain as the shackle is too large to fit through the chain links.

Keyed Alike Option: We are able to offer the Roundlocks in a Keyed Alike option to save having multiple keys, however this option is only available when purchasing together and cannot be retrospectivly matched to key patterns from previous orders. 


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Unboxing a new purchase can be a chore, but to minimise our impact on the environment, Insight Security supply goods packed with the minimum amount of recyclable packaging needed to ensure your products arrive safely and ready for you to unpack.

Here’s what`s inside the product pack


roundlock padlock with locking pin dimensions

Roundlock Padlock Pack Contents;

1x Roundlock Padlock (this 2 part unit includes
     the Pin Section and Standard Socket Section,
     shown here assembled together)
3x Keys

See also our Roundlock Video 

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Jason Ellis

The round lock is phenomenal, Bennetts tried to destruction test one and failed. This is an inexpensive lock that offers a similar level of security to a padlock or disc lock costing 5x as much. My only mistake was not buying two keyed alike, one for my chain and the other as a disc lock. Insight sell these at a better price than anywhere else and their people are friendly, nice decent people to do business with and it was a great please to meet them when I went to pick up my lock and chain in person. Really, a great product, at a great price from great people.


It’s a great little lock and in conjunction with the chain it looks very secure, however as I lock and unlock every day sometimes in low light it is fiddly. In hindsight I wished I’d gone with padlock purely for speed and ease.


I was recommended to buy this padlock by the staff at Insight Security, as I needed it to be compatible with a security chain and Bull-ring It looks very secure and dependable and is not the shape of ordinary padlocks I also wanted the padlock to be waterproof as it was being used to secure my garden bench. I could foresee at some point I may need to unlock the bench to move it ,so the padlock needed to be able to withstand the weather and still work.

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