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Safe Perimeter Security with 358 Mesh Fencing and Roller Barrier


Often simply called anti climb mesh, security mesh or even prison mesh, 358 mesh fencing is synonymous with robust perimeter security. In this post we clarify exactly what 358 mesh fencing is and demonstrate how we use it in conjunction with our Roller Barrier anti climb system to cost-effectively enhance existing security fencing.

What is 358 Mesh?

358 Mesh is a welded wire mesh made from high grade steel. This form of mesh fencing is widely used in high security applications and environments such as prisons and military establishments. The robust steel wire and tough welded joints make the security fencing extremely difficult to penetrate, even with bolt cutters and wire cutters. And the small mesh dimensions are the key feature that makes this mesh impossible to climb.

358 mesh fencing panels are generally galvanised for durability and can be powder coated after galvanisation for further protection.

Why is it Called 358 Mesh?

The name ‘358 mesh’ describes the dimensions of the mesh. Each aperture (measured between the bar centres) is 3 inches long (75mm), 0.5 inches high (12.5mm) and made from 8 gauge steel wire, which is approximately 4 mm thick. Anti climb 356 mesh, with thicker steel wire, and 3510 mesh fencing, using thinner steel wire, are also used in some applications.

358 mesh dimensions
358 Mesh Security Fence Panel - Anti Climb Protection

The image above shows how the dimensions of the 358 mesh are too small to gain a finger or toe hold. The image also shows the robustly welded joints and the galvanised finish that ensures a reliable long life.


How High Should a Security Fence Be?

Establishing and maintaining the highest level of security is essential for most professional establishments, especially schools, sports facilities, government properties and secure premises such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Perimeter security fencing around properties such as these tends to be at least 2 metres high and often extends to 3 metres or higher, with 3 metres being a popular choice for general applications. Security fencing in high risk environments such as prisons is typically in excess of 5 metres high. 

For private properties in the UK the maximum height allowed for fencing in back gardens and between neighbouring properties is 2 metres. And in front gardens, or where fencing is next to a highway, the maximum height is just 1 metre. For anything higher than this planning permission is generally required. 358 Security mesh fencing isn`t normally used in domestic settings.

When considering the height of security fencing its essential to check with the relevant local authority for their rules and regulations. And if the fencing affects neighbouring properties it`s always a good idea to have a chat with them before making any changes.

How to Make an Existing Fence More Secure and Safe

Increasing the height of existing fencing is one of the primary ways to make it more secure. If the existing fencing consists of standard security fence panels, or maybe chain link fencing, then preventing handholds by overlaying the top 1 metre with 358 mesh fence panels provides a highly effective security enhancement while installing Roller Barrier along the fence-top safely increases the height.

Importantly, both 358 mesh anti climb security fencing and Roller Barrier are totally non-aggressive, harmless anti-climb solutions. Unlike razor wire and some sharp, spiked anti-climb solutions, people coming into contact with 358 security mesh or attempting to climb over Roller Barrier cannot harm themselves on these products, which fulfils the property owner’s ‘duty of care’ obligations.

Enhancing Existing Security Fencing

While 358 anti climb security fencing is highly effective it`s also expensive. Many establishments simply don’t have the budgets to afford expensive anti climb 358 mesh fencing everywhere. Most will typically use lower cost chain-link fencing or standard security fencing, but this can result in areas of vulnerability where anti climb protection is inadequate yet essential.

As noted, existing perimeter security can be significantly enhanced by using a combination of 358 mesh panels in conjunction with our Roller Barrier anti climb system. Rather than replacing the existing chain link or security fencing, 358 mesh panels are mounted on top of the existing fencing, covering just the uppermost metre of the existing fence. Even if climbers are able to reach this protected section they can’t get a firm toe or finger hold on the 358 mesh fence and importantly, can’t harm themselves if they try.

And the rigid 358 mesh anti climb fencing panels provide a robust foundation that supports the mounting of Roller Barrier above, safely increasing the height of the boundary fence. Where additional height is required a double row of Roller Barrier can be readily installed.

358 mesh top metre gates
358 Mesh Installed Covering Uppermost Metre of Gates - with Roller Barrier

The image above demonstrates how 358 mesh security fencing panels have been installed along the uppermost section of these gates with Roller Barrier along the top to increase the height and safely deter and prevent unwanted intruders.


double row roller barrier with 358 mesh
School Security and Safety Enhanced with 358 Mesh and Roller Barrier

The image above shows how just 1 metre of 358 mesh anti climb fencing in conjunction with a double-row Roller Barrier installation has made this school`s fencing impossible to climb. This security enhancement is successfully preventing youngsters from gaining access to pipework which they were previously using as a climbing frame, putting themselves at risk of injury and possibly damaging vital school systems.


358 mesh fencing and roller barrier protect flat roof
Roller Barrier with 358 Mesh Preventing Flat Roof Access

The image above shows another school installation where the 358 mesh fence panels are overlaying the top section of an existing security fence with Roller Barrier along the top. As can be seen, the Roller Barrier support brackets are firmly attached to the rigid security fencing and the security enhancement is now preventing youngsters from climbing the fence to gain access to the flat building rooftop where they were putting themselves at risk of injury. 

If you have any questions about perimeter security or if you have any special requirements remember that we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 24th March 2022


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