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Safes - Vehicle Safes / Car Boot Safe - hideaway car safe

If you want to protect the valuables that remain in your car

when you leave it, you`ll need a good Vehicle Safe

  -there`s a theft from a vehicle every 13 seconds
  -over 2,000,000 thefts from vehicles in the UK every year!
  -valuables left in a car are "Always" at risk!

With so many Police warnings about the perils of leaving  valuables in cars, everyone knows the risk.

The trouble is, in the real world, who has the time to take all their valuables out and cart the stuff around with them every time they get out of their car?  No one - because it`s not exactly convenient!

So what`s the solution?

How do you stop someone stealing your Sat Nav, Blackberry or other funky bits of kit or valuables?

The solution is surprisingly simple - get yourself one of these brilliant little car safes.

They live under your car seat or in the boot of your car most of the time, tethered with a security cable to a seat runner, seat belt anchor point or other suitable bracket ...so no one can remove the safe from your car without unlocking it!

There`s a choice of units to suit different storage needs and budgets, but they are all easily affordable and all will cost you a lot less than replacing your stolen valuables!


Hideaway Vehicle Safe






The double skin steel security compartment slides into the rugged outer sleeve and locks into position with the tethered security cable securing the unit safely in your vehicle. The self locking mechanism means that you`ll only need to use your key when you want to open the safe to get your valuables out again. Ideal for protecting smaller items like your; Sat Nav. or  Blackberry your digital camera parking change, etc.

Key Features;

    -Rugged all steel construction

    -High security lock (comes with 2 keys)

    -Self locking mechanism (only need the key to unlock it)

    -Plastic sheathed tensile steel security cable

    -Durable black baked on paint finish

    -Non slip base to stop it slide about on a carpeted surface.

Typical Applications;

    -Vehicle Safe (for cars, vans, HGVs, etc)

    -Boat Safe

    -Caravan Safe

    -Portable Safe

Operation / Use;

In use, simply drop your valuables into the security compartment and slide it home into the rugged security sleeve. Push the security cable into the cable slot to lock the unit shut - Job Done!

Dimensions;  (approx)

External:   W-165  x  L-240  x  H-80 mm

Security Cable; 800mm length

Total Weight: 2.5kg


Executive Security Briefcase / Laptop Briefcase








The lightweight, seamless moulded aluminium shell of this executive briefcase is both robust and attractive and the generous internal dimensions makes it suitable for Laptops up to 17".

 Unlike some cheaper imitations we`ve seen around, the smooth, sophisticated lines of this case, means that it won`t look like you`re carrying your toolkit around with you! Ideal for protecting your laptop or Notebook Computer, this attractive executive briefcase also features folio pockets, etc. to accommodate your documents

Key Features;

    -Two piece, hinged aluminium construction

    -Anti shock foam inserts to protect your laptop (& accessories)

    -Folio pockets, etc. for your documents, pens, calculator

    -Combination lock & High security RPT lock (2 keys included)

    -Plastic sheathed tensile steel security cable

    -Clip on carry- strap included

    -Comfort handle is easy on the hands

    -Weighs just 2.75kg (incl: security cable & carry strap).

Typical Applications / Use;

Portable security solution for your Laptop, documents and other items of value, wherever you are. The briefcase is simply secured to any convenient anchor point via the security cable provided. Lock it in the boot of your car, in your boat or caravan, in your hotel room, etc.

The resettable combination lock protects the contents against unauthorised access. The key operated RPT lock locks the briefcase to the security cable (the auto lock mechanism means you`ll only need the key to release the briefcase from the security cable).

Dimensions;  (approx)

External:   W-345  x  L-455  x  H-105 mm

Security Cable; 800mm length

Total Weight: 2.75kg


with vehicle safes available priced from under £30.00

             - what are you waiting for? 

Don`t miss out - grab yourself a bargain right now!


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