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Safety Mirrors

Example of a warehouse safety mirrorWhat are Safety Mirrors ?

Safety mirrors provide a simple, low cost and practical solution in areas where restricted visibility could potentially to a  collision between vehicles or vehicles and pedestrians, or other types of accident.

Typically safety mirrors will be of the convex mirror type which provide a wider view of the reflected area than would be possible with a flat faced mirror.


A Few Examples of Safety Mirrors in use

As a Driveway Mirror - many homes and commercial premises feature driveways or entrance / exits which lead onto busy roads, but where the drivers view of approaching traffic is obscured or severely restricted. Strategically placed safety mirrors can significantly reduce the risk of an accident at these sites, helping to avoid personal injury or expensive vehicle repair costs.

As a parking aid mirror – a helpful aid to drivers trying to squeeze into tight or difficult spaces, reversing in to loading bays, etc.

As a child or vulnerable person monitoring aid – safety mirrors used in these applications will be manufactured from unbreakable material such as our polycarbonate range and will be positioned to allow the viewer to see what`s happening in those areas hidden from direct line of site.

As a warehouse or industrial site mirror – generally safety mirrors in this type of environment will be positioned to help vehicles of pedestrians to avoid collisions. Two fork lift trucks meeting at the junction of adjacent storage aisles could make a big bang! ...but strategically placed safety mirrors would allow the drivers to spot the potential accident before it happens.

As a car park safety and security aid – multi storey car parks are improving all the time but strategically placed safety mirrors at dog-legs in access tunnels or corridors will give users confidence as they will be able to see that there`s no one hiding around the corner.


Who uses Safety Mirrors ?

Organisations such as; businesses, prisons, hospitals, schools, nurseries and in fact any establishment that has a duty of care towards their patients / pupils / visitors /customers / staff / etc. have a need for and are major users of safety mirrors.

In addition, there are many applications for safety mirrors in the home environment, from use as driveway mirrors, to monitoring your children playing in the garden in those areas out of direct line of sight.

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