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Safety Products - Socket Protector to make electrical plugs/sockets/switches safer

SocketPro Socket Safety Covers

Sometimes referred to as socket protectors or plug covers, these low cost socket covers are a convenient way to make your electrical plugs, 13a sockets and light switches, safe from damage and misuse.

Where are Socket Safety Covers used?

tick50-white-on-greenbutton At home, they are a simple way to keep toddlers away from your electrical sockets and stop them from pulling plugs out.

tick50-white-on-greenbutton In schools, they are often used to protect sockets from damage - which can lead to costly socket replacement work.

tick50-white-on-greenbutton In  kitchens and food preparation areas, not only do they protect against liquid splashes and food debris, but they also prevent freezers being accidentally switched off!

tick50-white-on-greenbutton In offices they stop the accidental unplugging or switching off of payment card processing terminals, fax machines, or computers that are in use, among other things.

...in fact they are used to protect sockets and plugs in almost any environment, from the home to the factory or scientific laboratory!


...and here are some more popular uses for Socket Safety Covers;

tick50-white-on-greenbutton Protecting your toddlers - as a baby becomes mobile they suddenly find a whole new world to explore and with power sockets normally positioned close to floor level, they are a natural target for inquisitive minds and little fingers. 

tick50-white-on-greenbutton Childproof - Socket-Pro Socket Covers offer total protection against tiny fingers, preventing children from playing with electrical sockets switching off sensitive equipment (i.e. computers, freezers, etc) or pulling plugs out.

tick50-white-on-greenbutton Protecting your PC equipment, etc - Socket-Pro also prevents the accidental or unthinking removal of plugs from their sockets while electrical equipment is in use ... so there is no risk that your toddler (or your cleaner!) will crash and wreck your PC while you are working on it or it`s left running

tick50-white-on-greenbutton For damp areas - as it`s splash-proof, Socket-Pro also offers ideal protection for sockets and switches in damp areas such as kitchens, pubs, etc.

tick50-white-on-greenbutton Simple to fit - practical, effective and attractive, the Socket-Pro socket safe is quick and easy "DIY" fit product. The units simply clip over the facia plate of the switch or socket, so you don`t need to touch the electrical wiring when you install it.


SocketPro Electrical Switch & Socket Safety Covers are a genuine safety aid and worthwhile investment;

The SocketPro range of socket protector covers are designed to be used with "flush fit" and "surface mount" sockets and switches. 

Practical protection with a budget price tag! 



Choice of single & double socket models to suite all standard 13a socket fittings or light switches





Double socket model used with a flush fit double 13A socket







Single socket model used with a surface mount switch




Lockable double socket cover

Childproofing is achieved by the simple clip mechanism which requires the co-ordination level of a child aged 8.

When you need to use the socket ... simply press the two side clips at the same time to release the cover when you need to get to the plug or switch - no keys to fiddle with or lose

Quick & Easy to fit;

 sft_socketpro2Socket-Pro can be installed in just a few seconds - simply loosen the screws of the switch or socket plate a few turns, ease the plate forward,  clip Socket-Pro on and re-tighten the screws. No need to touch the wiring

Although UK sockets have some built in safety features, low cost Socket Safety Covers (which enclose the whole socket as well as the electrical plugs), provide valuable added safety, as well as many other benefits.

They are providing a practical solution to a wide range of problems in homes, offices, schools and businesses of all types throughout the UK.


What do our customers say about SocketPro Safety Covers?

...“Have received my Socket Pro Safety Cover ...it`s very effective”  Dr Roger B - Staffs (4924)

...“I`ve received the Socket Pro Covers for single and double gang sockets. They are absolutely perfect and very easy to fit...” Mrs Joanne D of Gloucestershire (5684)



...remember "Socket Inserts" are dangerous and Should Not be Used!

socket-insertAlthough designed to protect children from accidents at electrical mains sockets,

these products actually "Increase the Risk"

...click here to watch a video explaining how

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