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  General guides and brochures: 
Security Essentials for Schools brochureThis introduction to safety and security products currently popular with schools, also includes information about how they work, where they can be used and lots more - a handy guide for anyone involved in school safety or security
Perimeter Security and Anti-climb Products brochureThis introduction to perimeter security protection products covers a wide range of anti climb products designed to deter intruders, vandals, burglars, etc. Beef up your security at boundary walls and fences, stop access to flat roofs, etc... back to page index 

  Product overviews / introductions: 
  SocketPro - electrical socket safety cover for schoolsPrevent electrical accidents, protect pupils, avoid costly damage to sockets... PlugStop - electrical safety aidPrevent electrical accidents, stop others using your power tools or equipment, prevent unsupervised use of dangerous equipment such as circular saws...  Finger Protector - protecting pupils, staff & visitors against finger trapping accidents and injuries at doorwayswith over 40,000 finger trapping accidents in the UK every year, many requiring hospital treatment, fitting FingerPro is a simple way for schools to protect their pupils, staff and visitors against injury and the school against costly injury claims or Health & Safety Fines. Bird Free Fire Gel - instant bird deterrent - introductionthe instantly effective and humane way to get rid of problem birds without injuring them - Bird Free Fire Gel is now widely used by UK Local Authorities as the preferred and proven bird deterrent system of choice  Bird Free Fire Gel - FAQs Bird Free Fire Gel - Case Studies back to page index 
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  Insight Security on-line safety & security shopIf you`re looking for tried and tested products at value for money prices - this is the site for you, ...backed up by the Insight Security "No Quibble Money Back Guarantee"  Perimeter Security Product overviewWhether you need a child friendly anti climb system like Roller Barrier (a favourite with schools) or a high security security spike system you`ll find a solution here.  Security Screws and Fastenings Product overviewSecurity screws, anti tamper nuts and lots more security fixings and fastenings   Preventing Finger Trapping accidents in SchoolsProtect your pupils, staff and visitors with this simple and easily affordable solution - also protects your school against costly injury claims!  How Bird Free Fire Gel could be helping your SchoolEliminate the unsightly mess and health hazard caused by nesting and resident birds   back to page index 
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 Video Index;  Accident Prevention Aids
Arson protection
Key Control & Management
Metal Detectors & Random Search Selectors
Padlocks, Security Chains & Ground Anchors
Security Screws & Fastenings
Traffic & Vehicle Management
Accident Prevention Aids    Making 13amp electrical sockets safe coming soon   Tamper proofing electrical sockets back to video indexback to page indexArson protection    The Mailpro Anti-Arson Mailbox back to video indexback to page indexKey Control & Management    Mechanical key issue & tracking systems    Leave-a-key outdoor key boxes back to video indexback to page indexMetal Detectors & Random Search Selectors    Metal Detectors coming soon
   Random Search Selector back to video indexback to page indexPadlocks, Security Chains & Ground Anchors    Master 6321 padlock & hasp set back to video indexback to page indexSecurity Screws & Fastenings    Which is the best security screw    Pin Torx Security Screws    Security Shear Nuts (snap off cones)    Security Scroll Nuts    Security NoGo enclosures    Security Fastenings - Armour Rings back to video indexback to page indexTraffic & Vehicle Management    Fold Down Parking Posts (the "Floop") back to video indexback to page index 
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Other Help & Advice
 About Insight SecurityAs a tried and trusted partner of schools and local authority customers since 1991, Insight Security has an enviable reputation for offering practical, no nonsense advice, which has helped our customers to avoid buying inadequate or irrelevant solutions, thus saving them thousands of pounds!
How can we help you and your school?
Whether you are new to the area of safety & security, or already experienced in the role, you`ll find our information reliable and our advice impartial.
If you buy from Insight Security, you can be sure that what we supply will do what it promises all products in our range are tried and tested. 
Our reputation is important to us which is why we constantly strive to deliver "Best Value Solutions" and you can be sure that;
you`ll get just as much help and support after you have bought from us as you did before the purchase 
all products (with the exception of special order and customised products) are covered by Insight`s "No Quibble Money Back Guarantee".  
We`re here to help, so if you need help regarding a security or safety issue at your school, call us now on; 01273 475500  ...and remember;
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