Seagull Spikes - individual strip (335mm long)

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Seagull deterrent spikes in robust stainless steel.



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Seagull Spikes - individual strip (335mm long)

Seagulls are bigger and more aggressive birds than pigeons and consequently an even more robust type of bird deterrent spike is required to prevent them from landing and perching. Our seagull spikes provide an easily installed but highly effective barrier that will deter and prevent seagulls from nesting.

The base of the Seagull Deterrent Spike is manufactured from robust polycarbonate, whilst the spikes are longer than pigeon spikes and made from stainless steel. 

   335 mm in length, 
   Spikes - 150 mm high (material; 1.42mm tensile stainless steel)

...and a single row of spikes will protect a window sill or ledge up to 270mm wide. 

For wider window sills, ledges, parapets, etc. bird ban spike strips can be installed side by side (when strips are installed side by side, the maximum recommended gap between the top of the spikes is 50mm).

The 335 mm strips are typically installed end to end and being manufactured from polycarbonate can be easily cut with a hacksaw where a shorter length is required (i.e. for installation onto a small CCTV camera housing).

Fixing the strips in position:

Screw Fixing: the base of each strip features multiple fixing holes to allow them to be screw fixed in position where appropriate. 

Adhesive Fixing: as an alternative to screw fixing, our special external SILIRUB 2/S (with built in fungicide) instant silicon adhesive, can be used to bond the strips to window sills, ledges, wall toppings, etc.

Window Clips: our special window clips provide a simple way to fix strips to opening windows, where fixing the strips to the window sill would foul the operation of the window.

Gutter Clips: provide a practical way to attach bird spikes to rain guttering, etc ,around roofs. The clips simply clip to the edge of the guttering to fix the strips securely in place, but allow easy removal (simply unclip) of the bird spikes to allow access to the guttering for cleaning / debris clearing, etc

Cable Ties: offer a simple solution to attaching strips to pipework, CCTV cameras or light housings, etc.

What our customers say ...

“ Very pleased with the Seagull Spikes. Very effective.” Mr R G S of Essex. (5062)


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Mr R G S (Essex)

Very pleased with the Seagull Spikes. Very effective (5062)

Kay N (Kent)

I have installed the Seagull Spikes on my chimney stack and so far it has prevented the seagulls from nesting (5313)

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