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Tamper Evident Tape Seals

Tape seals are available in a choice of styles, size and shape and for a small additional charge, can be customised for orders of 1,000 or more. All tape seals feature a unique reference number.

The two main forms of tape seal are the `Double Interlock` (butterfly cut) seal and the `Void` seal. The `Double Interlock` seal is designed to break up when any attempt is made to remove it, while the `Void` seal changes colour and displays the word `VOID` when tampered with. Once tampered with, neither type can be reused or re-seated to make it look as though no tampering has occurred.  

Tape Seal - Double Interlock Tape Seal Design

For use with:  IT equipment, Airline Trolleys, Luggage,  Transfer Bags, Vehicle Doors, Drawers,  Meter Boxes,  Cable Trunking,  etc.

 -Thin, high tensile strength seal with strong tack adhesive
 -Double interlocking security cuts allow a degree of flexibility
 -Ideal for applications subject to movement and vibration
 -Attempted removal will cause seal to break making re-use or re-seating impossible

Standard Size: 25 x 85mm,  Large Size: 30 x 120mm

prod. ref. SS DBLINLK

The Double Interlock Seal breaks up when tampered with

Sequentially numbered as standard, the labels can be customised with text or logos.

Sealing a casing against unauthorised opening



Tape Seal - Void Seal Style tape seal

For use with:  Cupboard Doors, Audio Visual,  Cassettes,  First Aid Boxes,  Sensitive Documents, Envelopes,  IT Equipment,  etc.

 -Change of colour & security message indicates entry
 -Residue left when removed leaving evidence of application
 -Ideal for use on paper, card and other fibrous surfaces among others
 -Space provided for labelling / signature

Standard Size: 22 x 85mm,  Large Size: 25 x 120mm  

prod. ref. SS VOID

The `Void Seal` changes colour and displays the word `VOID` when tampered with

Sequentially numbered as standard, the labels can be customised with text or logos

The `Void Seal` protecting the internal components of a PC

`Void` Style Packaging Tape Security Seal

Parcel Seals are designed for use with:  Cardboard Boxes, Paper, Fibreboard, Plastic Packaging,  etc.

 -Security message indicates any attempted entry
 -Ideal for use on plastics, plus paper, card and other fibrous surfaces
 -Laminated structure for maximum effectiveness

Standard Size: 45mm x 150mm

Parcel Seals are sequentially numbered as standard

prod. ref. SS VOIDPS

 The `Void" type packaging seal displays the words `VOID` and `OPENED` when tampered with

parcel seals - print friendly page (162kb PDF file)

`Void` type packaging seal used to seal boxes in transit

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