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Search and Inspection Mirrors FAQ


Inspection mirrors and search mirrors are increasingly used in an ever expanding range of applications. Under-vehicle trolley-type search mirrors are now commonly employed at border crossings, ferry terminals and transport hubs where they enable operators to speedily and thoroughly inspect the underside of automobiles without breaking their backs. Telescopic inspection mirrors are used to reach areas which would otherwise be difficult to inspect and LED illumination enables search and inspection mirrors to be effective in low light conditions.

Here are just some of the most commonly asked questions we routinely answer regarding search and inspection mirrors.

What are Search and Inspection Mirrors?

Search and inspection mirrors are specifically designed to provide visibility in areas which are inaccessible or concealed. For example, searching for devices or contraband hidden under a vehicle or checking the roof of a truck for unwanted hitchhikers. They are also widely used by various professionals such as telecoms engineers, plumbers and automotive mechanics to enable them to inspect areas which are difficult to view.

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What are Search and Inspection Mirrors Used for?

Search and inspection mirrors have a wide range of applications. Here are some typical examples:

  • They are commonly used to carry out vehicle inspections at border crossings, transport hubs and on cross-channel ferries.
  • They are often used in searches for illegal immigrants and stowaways.
  • Customs and excise officers use a variety of search and inspection mirrors to gain visual access to hidden areas when checking for contraband.
  • The military use search and inspection mirrors to carry out vehicle security checks, searching for hidden explosive devices.
  • Prison officers regularly use search mirrors when they carry out prison-cell searches for weapons and drugs.
  • Engineers, plumbers and technicians use handy inspection mirrors to view areas which would otherwise be difficult to inspect.
  • In the home, small, telescopic search mirrors find many applications such as avoiding the need to climb ladders to see what’s hiding on high shelves or on the top of kitchen cupboards.
  • And motorists find that a handy search mirror in their toolboxes can help with vehicle maintenance and repair.

What is an under-vehicle search mirror?

Under-vehicle search mirrors have been designed specifically to support the increasing need for thorough vehicle security searches. Some under-vehicle inspection mirrors are trolley-type, which means the mirror is conveniently mounted on a wheeled trolley. This design makes it easy for the operator to wheel the trolley mirror into position with minimal effort and without the need to bend over. The trolley provides stability which ensures that the reflected image is clear. Many under-vehicle inspection mirrors are fitted with LED lights which illuminate the dark vehicle underside enabling the operator to speedily carry out a thorough vehicle inspection.

trolley mirror under vehicle search

Which type of inspection mirror is right for a plumber, to gain visibility into dark, inaccessible spaces? 

An extendable, telescopic inspection mirror that includes a bright LED lamp is likely to be the best inspection mirror for a plumber or engineer. Various models exist, some of which are conveniently small enough to fit in a pocket (or toolbox).

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telescopic mirror with LED

I am a truck driver who routinely needs to check all around my vehicle. Which type of mirror is best for me?

A practical vehicle inspection mirror should allow you to check all around your truck or lorry. It should enable you to clearly see the roof of your vehicle along with the underside and the internal cargo area. A telescopic, extendable inspection mirror that is lightweight, easy to handle and provides crystal clear images is what’s needed. It must also pack up small enough to be easily stowed in the cabin ready for when it’s needed.

telescopic inspection mirror for lorry inspection

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