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How Security Bars could be the right solution for you...

window security bars - Adaptabar grille fitted to windowWhat are Security Bars ?

This simple but effective product offers a low cost way to beef up security at your vulnerable windows and doors.

The Adaptabar range of window security bars from Insight Security are adjustable steel bars, made up of one solid bar which slides inside a hollow tube and are designed to be used as individual security bars or can be easily converted into a modular security grille when using the optional lateral spacer bars.

Adaptabar window security bars are stocked in a range of sizes that will fit practically any standard window, with a choice of reveal or face fixing options.

The bars are installed vertically, with the reveal fix option screwing down into the windowsill and up into the lintel at the top of the window (i.e they fix into the window reveal), whereas the face fix bars fit over the complete window opening and are screwed into the wall above and below the window.


What problems do Security Bars solve ?

Windows are a vulnerable attack point and favourite and often easy entry point for burglars, so beefing up security at your windows with security bars or a window security grille makes a lot of sense. They also offer protection at upper storey windows to stop children accidentally falling out of windows.


Who uses Security Bars ?

Our versatile Adaptabar security bars and modular security grille system has proven a practical solution for users in a wide range of environments, here are just a few examples:

At home, they are helping to beef up security at vulnerable windows in garages, sheds and outhouses,

In businesses they are helping to protect stock rooms and outbuildings,

In schools they are protecting all sorts from sports pavilions to toilet windows.

Wherever security bars are used, not only are they a strong visual deterrent, but they also make life much more difficult for any potential thief or burglar who will seek easier pickings, as they won't want to risk getting caught while they are trying to find a way around your physical security barrier!


Where can I use Security Bars ?

Adaptabars can be used almost anywhere but are designed for internal use, rather than fixing to the outside of a building (security bars and grilles fitted to the outside of a building not only often looks ugly, but also require regular painting or maintenance).

Our Adaptabar security bars are available in a range of popular sizes and come with a pleasing, durable baked-on white paint finish to blend easily with most decor. As the bars are telescopic, they are not only a doddle to fit but are guaranteed to fit first time every time and because they are available from stock for next day delivery, you won't have to hang around for weeks, waiting for expensive bespoke bars or grilles to be manufactured.

As a general guide, when using window bars for child safety applications building regs. recommend that the bars are spaced 4" (100mm) apart – measured from bar centre to bar centre. For security applications, it is generally accepted that bar spacing should be no more than 6" (150mm)


More information...

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