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When you need to beef up security at a door or access hatch - or maybe you need extra security for a storage box or toolbox - we have the best solution here.

Our range of carefully selected, tried and tested hasps and staples along with high security padbars and shedbars are optimal for use with our high quality padlocks. We provide hasps, padbars and shedbars to meet all needs - from light to heavy duty, high security applications.

Our versatile, easily installed Shedbars (shed door security bars) provide superb protection for your shed or outhouse door, whatever the types of materials the door or outbuilding is constructed from.

To make it easy for you to quickly find high quality hasps with matching padlocks we have put together some popular hasp and padlock bundles which guarantee that the padlock is optimally matched to the hasp and staple. Please take a look at our great value ’Padlock Bundles’ where you will find some high quality padlock and hasp sets.

If you need advice to ensure you choose the right product(s) for your application, call our friendly experts, we`ll be pleased to help - t: 01273 475500

Hasp and Staples, Padbars and Shedbars FAQ

We understand how difficult it can be to both find and then select the best security products to meet specific needs. Here are just a few of the questions we’ve been asked by customers who were aiming to strengthen their security.

Why is it important to match padlocks with hasps and staples?

The first thing to consider when selecting a padlock for a specific hasp and staple is the size. The dimensions of the padlock shackle must be appropriate for the hasp and staple.

Secondly, it’s important that the security ratings of the padlock and the hasp and staple are matched. Any security system is only ever as good as the weakest component in the system. So if a high quality hasp and staple is secured with a low quality padlock then overall security would not be as high as it could be. Our padlock and hasp bundles ensure optimal security as the padlocks are carefully matched with the hasp and staple sets.

Which hasp and staple material (metal) provides the best security?

You will see hasps made from hardened steel, stainless steel and even cast iron. To assess comparative security ratings it’s useful to look at the CEN ratings of various products. CEN grades or ratings (Central European Norm) refer to independent testing standards for padlocks. You can find a CEN grade 6 (highest grade) rated padbar which is made from cast iron alongside a CEN4 rated hasp and staple made from hardened steel. Always select the highest security rating available for your budget. 

I don’t know whether I need a padbar, a shedbar or maybe a hasp and staple. Can you help?

Yes we can. We know that it can be difficult to make the right choice which is why we are always ready to help by providing free guidance. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and tell us what you need to do and we will provide you with some free, no obligations help and advice that will guide you toward the best security solution for your needs. 

Hasps, Padbars & Shedbars (Padlocking)

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