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Security Mirrors help you easily check out those areas hidden from your direct line of sight

Security Mirrors are an effective way of being able to see into places that would not normally be visible from your standard viewing point, enabling you to watch what is happening in a designated area with the minimum effort.

They come in various shapes and sizes to suit a multiplicity of applications. Ceiling and wall mounted convex mirrors are for instance often used to provide an early warning view around dogleg corners to help you avoid unexpected attacks, muggings or accidental collisions as you walk around the corner.

Retail security mirrors are typically positioned to allow cashiers or security staff to monitor what`s happening in shopping aisles or areas which are concealed from direct view and are a low cost way of deterring shoplifters.

Portable security mirrors mounted on telescopic handles with or without a torch fitted are used to check under seating in venues for explosive or incendiary devices, while security mirrors that are mounted on a trolley are widely used for checking the underside of vehicles for bombs, smuggled goods or people.

Retail Security Mirrors – types & positioning

As well as the standard wall or post mount type convex mirrors, there are also a range of "hemisphere mirrors" which are designed to be mounted overhead, either fixed to or suspended from the ceiling and offering a 360 degree (4 way view) of the surrounding area to anyone stood underneath the mirror.

"Half Hemisphere" and "Quarter Hemisphere" security mirrors are designed to be mounted at the junction of a wall and ceiling and provide 3 way or 2 way viewing respectively.

Convex mirrors are available in different sizes and the size you will need is determined by the recommended MVD (maximum viewing distance) assigned to the mirror. The further the distance between you the viewer and the face of the mirror, the bigger the security mirror required.

Choosing the right type of security mirror for use as a search mirror

If you need something to help with your personal safety, such as checking the underside of your car for explosive devices before you get in, then a compact size folding search mirror will be your natural choice,

...whereas checking under hundreds of seats in a conference venue will be easier using a larger mirror fitted onto an adjustable telescopic handle.

If your main use will be to check the underside of vehicles for explosives, etc. as they pass through a checkpoint, a trolley type search mirror will minimise operator fatigue and be the practical choice.

All search mirrors are available with or without a built in illuminator, but for maximum benefit and flexibility, we would always recommend you choose a unit with a torch or illuminator attached or built in. The additional light will significant help you to see what is in the area to be searched even where there is bright light surrounding the area.

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