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Security Mirrors

Security Mirrors provide visibility into areas that might be hidden or not easily viewed from a particular location.

What is a Security Mirror?

Security mirrors are used to enhance security, provide surveillance capability and support security inspection and assessment procedures. They come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes - suitable for a wide range of applications.

What are Security Mirrors Used For?

Security mirrors are widely used in a variety of applications, here’s a summary of the main areas in which they are commonly employed:

  • Shop and retail security.
  • Warehouse security.
  • Goods yard security.
  • People surveillance.
  • Vehicle inspections.
  • Examining hard-to-reach and concealed areas. 

Shop Security Mirrors

Shops and retail outlets benefit enormously from carefully deployed, fixed position security mirrors. Convex security mirrors provide a wide angle view which provides a point-of-sale operative the visibility they need to spot shoplifters. And the presence of highly visible security mirrors acts as an effective deterrent for would-be shoplifters. Read more about why convex security mirrors are used in shops.

retail security mirrors
Retail Security Mirrors - Convex - Wide Angle

Convex security mirrors, sometimes called “dome mirrors” are available in a variety of dome designs and shapes. Quarter dome mirrors are designed to fit in corners, providing 2-way visibility. Half dome mirrors are installed between walls and ceilings, providing 3-way visibility. And full dome mirrors, sometimes called “ceiling dome mirrors” provide all round visibility.

The security in all shop and retail environments is enhanced by the installation of convex retail security mirrors to improve visibility.

Vehicle Inspection Mirrors

Vehicle inspection procedures require rigorous under vehicle inspection along with internal examination as well as vehicle rooftop inspection. Border security professionals along with customs inspectors need to efficiently and thoroughly assess vehicles and their contents to check for explosives, contraband and possibly stowaways.

under vehicle inspection mirror
Under Vehicle Inspection Mirror - Illuminated Trolley Mirror

Under vehicle inspection mirrors make the task of thoroughly examining the underside of cars and trucks much easier and less likely to result in something being missed. And telescopic over vehicle search mirrors (with long handles) enable operators to view to topside of lorries without the need to climb ladders.

Compact search and inspection mirrors are widely used to make it easier to inspect hard-to-reach areas, such as cargo spaces and engine rooms on ships and the contents of containers.

Event Security

Security procedures at special events and public gatherings often require rigorous inspections. Telescopic inspection mirrors make it easy to speedily but effectively carry our under-seat inspections and much more.

Illuminated Search Mirrors

Illuminated search and inspection mirrors include LED lights and torches to light up areas under inspection. This feature is particularly beneficial in under vehicle search and inspection operations as well as when checking dark, internal cargo spaces in containers and transportation. Our handy, folding pocket inspection mirror is widely used by many security professionals as well as tradespeople, mechanics and engineers who often need to see into confined spaces. 

telescopic search mirror with torch
Telescopic Search Mirror with LED Torch


Low Cost Yet Highly Effective Security

Security mirrors provide a low cost security solution that’s often far more powerful than CCTV. And security mirrors not only enhance security, they are also a great aid to safety, helping keep people safe by reducing the risk of attacks and accidental collisions.

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