Security Nuts

Your equipment and structures are protected against theft, unauthorised relocation or tampering when they are fixed in position with security nuts!

What are Security Nuts ?

In simple terms, security nuts are nuts that have as part of their integral design a security feature that once they have been installed, makes them difficult or impossible to remove using standard tools such as spanners.

There are two main types; One way or two way nuts.

security nuts - shear nuts are a one way security nuts

One way nuts such as Shear Nuts are installed and tightened up using a standard spanner or socket set. Once the nut has reached maximum torque (fully tightened), the hexagonal drive head of the nut shears off leaving a tightened cone which cannot be removed.




Kinmar One Way Security Nut with DriverAs an alternative, Kinmar one way security nuts are installed using a special matching one way Kinmar Driver tool, but again, once installed, the nut cannot easily be undone again.






security nuts - scroll nuts are two way security nutsTwo way security nuts are designed so that they can be undone if required after they have been installed. Scroll Nuts are a good example of a two way nut. A special matching driver tool is required to put them on their male threaded counterpart and the same special driver tool is required if you need to remove them again.


Who can use Security Nuts ?

In fact anyone who has security concerns for any of their property that is fastened with nuts will benefit from using security nuts. Whilst major users include businesses, local authorities, prisons and other large organisations, there are literally dozens of application around the home which makes them equally suitable for the domestic user.

By way of example of uses they are put to: security nuts are widely used to secure fences, street furniture, park benches, motor vehicle accessories, bicycles, motor cycles, fire hydrants, solar panels, as well as on perimeter security barriers such as those supplied by Insight Security. In fact the list of uses is almost endless and new uses are being found daily. If you have an unusual application for our security nuts let us know!


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