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socket protectors are available for double (as shown here) or single socketsWhat are Socket Protectors ?

Socket protectors are protective cases constructed of a robust plastic material, designed to fit over mains electrical wall sockets or light switches.

The idea behind socket protectors is to eliminate the risk of accidents such as electric shock at the socket, or the accidental removal of plugs of electrical equipment such as computers that are in use at the time, as this could cause damage to the PC.

Socket protectors are available in a choice of sizes to suit single or double socket points and can be used with recessed or surface mounted sockets and light switches.

The standard unit features a simple but clever dual thumb clip opening mechanism which prevents toddlers from opening the cover but avoids the need for an adult to hunt around for the key to open the unit when needed. We do however also offer a locking version for use in more demanding locations such as in the homes of persons living with dementia where it is important to prevent them from switching off or unplugging essential medical or alarm call equipment.


What problems do Socket Protectors solve ?

Due to the design, socket protectors allow you to plug in your electrical equipment and devices whilst keeping the entire face plate and sockets hidden and protected. This stops young curious children or vulnerable adults from jamming objects or little fingers into the socket.

If for example you have medical or computer equipment that needs to be left on, Socket Protectors ensure the plugs are left alone and the device stays switched on. Socket protectors can also be used to stop people using electricity that doesn't belong to them such as in communal hallways, public buildings or retail outlets to name a few.


Who can use Socket Protectors?

Socket protectors can be used in the home as a safer alternative to socket inserts / plug ins (which are inherently very dangerous - see the Fatally Flawed video link on our product page).

Socket protectors can also be found in schools, nurseries and other child friendly / child safe environments, laboratories and workshops, kitchens and food preparation areas, ...the list is endless.

After speaking with a charity regarding caring for people with dementia we found that socket protectors could be useful for stopping patients and vulnerable adults from unplugging equipment such as fridges and freezers as well as their medical equipment and also could stop electrical goods being used unsupervised such as microwaves and deep fat fryers etc. creating a safer more independent living environment .


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