Solar Panel Bird Proofing

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Stop Birds damaging your solar panels, protect your panels and roof with this simple solution from Insight Security.



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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

What is the Problem to be solved?

The area immediately under roof fitted Solar Panels is a favourite nesting place for pigeons and other problem birds as it offers protection from the elements and keeps them safe from many of their natural predators.

Here is Quick, Easy and Cost Effective Solution

Our Solar Panel Bird Proofing Spikes offer a simple, effective way to stop birds from entering that space, and so will prevent the build-up of nesting material debris and acidic bird droppings which can cause irreparable damage to your panels as well as presenting a health risk.

What exactly are Solar Panel Bird Excluder Spikes?

These plastic bird spikes are manufactured in strips from a robust UV stabilised plastic material, which comes with a 15 year manufacturers warranty.

Each strip is 333mm long overall and consists of 9 vertical spikes.

Breakoff points positioned at 35mm intervals, allow the strip length to be adjusted for installation at the corners of the solar panels.

The strips are designed to be fixed to the sides of your solar panels with the silicone adhesive supplied and the 126 silicone locking holes in each strip ensures a robust fixing to the solar panels.

These Solar Panel Bird Proofing Spikes are suitable for use with all solar panels whether they are of the older type, or the newer slimline style, and where the gap between the panel and the roof is between 80 and 150mm.

Adjusting the operational height of the strips at time of installation is simply a matter of sliding them up or down on the panel sides to achieve the desired height when fixing them in position with the silicone adhesive.

When used to protect solar panels installed on a pantile (undulating) roof, the protector spikes can easily be trimmed to length with the supplied cutter, to follow the undulations of the roof tiles. Each spike on the strip is clearly marked with graduated cut marks to ensure a perfect finish.

How to buy Solar Panel Bird Proofing Spikes

These bird prevention spikes are available in three convenient pack sizes, each of which includes; the bird excluder strips, an all-weather silicone adhesive and a pair of cutters to trim the spike length where needed.

  • the   6 metre pack contains;  18 x excluder strips, 1 x tube of silicone adhesive and 1 x pair of cutters.

  • the 15 metre pack contains;  45 x excluder strips, 2 x tubes of silicone adhesive and 1 x pair of cutters.

  • the 50 metre pack contains; 150 x excluder strips, 7 x tubes of silicone adhesive and 1 x pair of cutters.


Solar Panel Bird Guards are designed to eliminate the risk of birds nesting under your panels, but these humane bird spikes will protect your solar panels and your roof without causing any harm to the birds.


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