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Sold Secure is the primary UK testing and certification house for security products.

While security product manufacturers subject their products to rigorous in-house testing Sold Secure provide a completely independent test and certification service, subjecting products of the same classification to the same, repeatable testing procedures.

Sold Secure Ratings

See our ‘Sold Secure Ratings guide’ for more information on the Sold Secure ratings system. The key points to keep in mind when considering Sold Secure approved security products are the product classifications (e.g. motorcycles, bicycles, caravans, domestic etc.) and the approval rating levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and in some cases Diamond.

Always select appropriately classified security products which have achieved the required level of security validation by Sold Secure.


CEN Grades

The abbreviation CEN stands for ‘Central European Norm’ which was devised to standardise specifications for padlocks. CEN grades extend from grade 1, offering the lowest level of security, up to grade CEN6 which offer the highest. CEN grades are not simply allocated by padlock manufacturers, they are independently defined standards against which padlocks are assessed.

Why You Need Sold Secure and CEN Rated Security Products

The Sold Secure Catalogue lists a huge range of commonly used security products from many manufacturers, rigorously tested and assessed by Sold Secure. As noted, security products are classified based on application and assessed against defined Sold Secure rating levels which identify the tools, techniques and time taken to attack and evaluate the product under test.

Sold Secure Ratings have long been associated with Motorcycle Security products, but the scope of the testing house has grown significantly over the years and the product list and ratings are constantly being reviewed and expanded, to reflect currect hot issues.

An example of a Sold Secure product classification is ‘Bicycles’. The bike security product rating levels include Bronze, Silver and Gold and have recently been extended to include a new, Diamond level. This reflects the identified need for a higher level of security rating due to the increased value of bikes and e-bikes being ridden today.

CEN Testing assesses a padlock’s ability to resist typical attacks using a variety of tools and techniques. As noted, the highest rating of CEN6 is reserved for maximum security padlocks. Importantly, insurance companies will often define a specific grade of padlock that’s necessary for insurance to be valid.

Sold Secure alongside CEN standardisation provide consumers with reliable and trustworthy methods to realistically and quickly assess and compare security products. Selecting only Sold Secure approved and CEN rated security products which have been assessed for use in specific contexts ensures the highest level of security and reliability.

If you have any questions regarding which Sold Secure or CEN rated product is right for your needs - give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

Sold Secure & CEN Products

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