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Sold Secure Gold Bicycle Carry Chain Set

Product code: PD SS50CS-S10G

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Our Sold Secure Gold bicycle carry chain set combines the Squire SS50CS padlock with a Sold Secure Gold Cycle Security Chain for lightweight security on the move.



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Sold Secure Gold Bicycle Carry Chain Set SKU Number - CCH30000

This versatile carry with you, E-Bike and Cycle Security Pad Chain pack features The CEN4 rated Squire SS50CS close shackle padlock, with a 10mm Sterling Sold Secure Gold bicycle rated security chain (which is also Sold Secure Silver rated for Motor Scooters).

We recognise that different users may have different requirements, so rather than settle for a One-Size-Fits-All approach, we are pleased to offer you the option to tailor the pack to meet your preferences.

Weight is obviously a major consideration for carry-with-you chain packs, which is why we have included a 10mm chain with this pack, with a choice of either 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 metre lengths.

The Padlock

The SS50 Close Shackle padlock included in the pack is a CEN4 rated key operated padlock that offers an ideal level of security for use with the 10mm chain.

Pack Weights

Overall Pack weights (Chain & Padlock) are,

  • 2.83kg for the 1.0 metre chain pack.
  • 3.96kg for the 1.5 metre chain pack.
  • 5.10kg for the 2.0 metre chain pack.

Padlock and Chain Specifications


SS50CS     CEN4 - High Security Stronghold 50mm Solid Steel Close Shackle Padlock

  • Solid hardened steel body
  • Six pin lock mechanism - supplied with 2 keys
  • Over 260,000 key differs
  • Double stainless steel ball locking system
  • Hardened steel anti drill / keyway protection base plate
  • Black Electrophoretic finish (corrosion / rust resistance)
  • Plastic body bumper

Dimension details

  • 10mm (shackle diameter)
  • 16mm (vertical shackle clearance)
  • 16mm (horizontal shackle clearance)
  • 50mm (body width)

Weight: 0.53kg

Warranty: 10 Year Manufacturers Guarantee


Sterling Hardened Alloy Steel Chain with heavy duty sleeving

Chain Size         -  10mm
Security Rating  -  Sold Secure Gold (Bicycle)
                        -  Sold Secure Silver (Motor Scooter)
Length              -  1,000mm, 1,500mm, or 2,000mm (1.0 / 1.5  / 2.0metres)
Weight              -  1metre; 2.1kg - 1.5metre; 3.15kg - 2.0metre; 4.2kg

Overall Pack Weights,

  • Padlock with 1.0 metre chain - 2.85kg
  • Padlock with 1.5 metre chain - 3.96kg
  • Padlock with 2.0 metre chain - 5.10kg

, our Sold Secure Gold Motorcycle rated Squire Massiv Pad Chain pack offers a higher level of security, but with an overall pack weight of 5.3kg, may be a little heavy for mobile use with a cycle or E-Bike. The Massiv pack includes a 1.2 metre long 14mm chain and the SS50CS key operated padlock.


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