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Sold Secure Ratings - What You Need to Know

Sold Secure Testing & Certification

Sold Secure is an organisation established by Northumbria and Essex police forces in 1992 with the aim of reducing crime by rigorously testing and assessing a wide variety of security products. They describe themselves as “the premier testing and certification house for security products”. Now administered by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), Sold Secure carries out testing, evaluation and product certification from a number of purpose built UK test laboratories.

The Mission of Sold Secure is to test security products and provide accurate, professional advice to commercial customers, the insurance industry, the home office, the police and the general public. The range of products is continuously changing so it’s always beneficial to pay a visit to the Sold Secure website for the latest product test information.

Testing Standards Consistency

Sold Secure create standard test specifications against which products are assessed. The standards are defined with input from relevant stakeholders such including police, insurers and the appropriate industry bodies. It is important to note that the relevant parties do not include manufacturers, as Sold Secure is completely Independent.

This approach ensures that all products of a particular type and classification are subjected to the same, consistent tests which means that product testing and evaluation is always conducted objectively and the security capabilities of products from various manufacturers can therefore be realistically compared.

Gaining Sold Secure Approval

Suppliers and manufacturers must apply to have their products assessed by Sold Secure. Sold Secure likes to work closely with customers to help improve the quality of products in the marketplace. They offer an initial, free consultation where the product is examined and the category and grade it should be tested to can be determined. Products are examined for for any obvious weaknesses in the design or construction as they don’t want customers to submit products for testing when it’s immediately clear that they will fail.

Security products which have gained Sold Secure approval are listed in the Sold Secure Product Catalogue and on their website.

Product test information is shared with crime prevention officers, insurance companies and the home office. Importantly, products which have achieved satisfactory assessment are entitled to present the recognised Sold Secure Approved quality mark.

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Sold Secure Approval Ratings

Sold Secure testing is carried out to product-specific Sold Secure Test Specifications and they also test to a range of British and European Standards, such as BS EN 14450 for safe testing & BS 7558 for gun cabinets.

Each specification can have one of four levels of of theft-resistance: Bronze, Silver, Gold and in some cases Diamond. It should be noted that not all specifications have all four levels and Sold Secure is constantly introducing additional testing levels in response to the market.

This simple classification system makes it easy for consumers to make informed choices and product comparisons. The Bronze rating is the lowest approved security level and Diamond is the highest.

The precise nature of Sold Secure tests varies depending on the product type. To ensure that products are tested effectively, testers will normally have access to product manufacturing drawings prior to the physical test, thus allowing them the opportunity to plan the most effective form of attack.

Each test involves a series of attempted attacks, on the product under test, by an experienced tester intent on defeating that product. Strict time limits are set for each attack and each attack will be conducted using any item(s) the tester chooses to use from a predefined selection of typically available and commonly used tools.

Here’s an example Sold Secure specification showing the levels of attack testing and associated tools lists.

example sold secure test specification

As shown, SS 105 defines the test specifications for Ground Anchors and Security posts. Bronze level assessment uses tools from list A, Silver level uses tools from lists A and B, Gold level uses tools from lists A, B and C while the Diamond level uses all of these tool lists along with additional, specified tools.

Sold Secure Ratings Explained

Sold Secure Diamond Approval

This is an extra high security rating that applies only to certain specific products such as:

  • Security chains and ground anchors for motorcycle security.
  • Lock cylinders tested against lock snapping.
  • Portable wheel locks for the caravan market.

Our Squire GA6 Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Ground Anchor is a great example.

As noted, to achieve a Diamond level rating qualifying products are subjected to arduous attacks using the greatest range of attack tools.

Sold Secure Gold Approval

Products achieving the Sold Secure Gold rating offer the highest level of resistance to prolonged attacks by thieves using typical techniques and the full list of attack tools. Our Protector 16mm High Security Chain is a great example of a Sold Secure Gold product.

To achieve Gold level approval, products are subjected to rigorous attack testing using extensive lists of attack tools.

Sold Secure Silver Approval

Products achieving the Sold Secure Silver rating offer a greater level of resistance to attacks by thieves than the Bronze level but lower than Gold. An excellent example of a Sold Secure Silver rated product is the Federal FD730P Ultra Secure CEN4 Closed Shackle Padlock.

Sold Secure Bronze Approval

Products achieving the Sold Secure Bronze rating have provide good level of attack resistance. An example of a Sold Secure Bronze level product is the excellent Federal FD 900 CEN3 Deadlocking Padlock.

What Sold Secure Means to You

Sold Secure approved products have successfully withstood multiple different attack methods of five minutes each before gaining certification. The average thief will give up after two and a half minutes because of the risk of discovery.

Sold Secure is dedicated to reducing the risk of theft by thoroughly and consistently assessing security products. Only products which have been satisfactorily assessed are allowed to bear the Sold Secure Quality Mark.


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