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Finding your way through the security maze and marketing hype can be frustrating and very time consuming

- this section of our website is designed to quickly help you find the best solution to your particular security issue.

With over 20 years experience as a specialist supplier of security products, Insight offer a wide range of  "Tried, Tested & Trusted", value for money security solutions, which we sell worldwide.

We`ve organised this page by "Solution Types" rather than product types which we hope will help you identify the options available to help you tackle your specific problem.

We`ve also added an index to our various "Advice" pages which are designed to provide more in depth coverage of specific topics.

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Solution Finder Pages Index (click on links below to go to page)

1. Protecting the Estate & Grounds

    - Protecting the Industrial Estate

    - Controlling Site Access

    - Protecting the Perimeter / Boundary

    - Security Measures for the Grounds

2. Protecting your Buildings

    - Anti Ram Measures

    - Protecting Windows

    - Protecting Doors

3. Protecting Internal Areas of your Buildings

    - Protecting Office Doors and Windows

    - Lockers, Safes and Key Control & Management

    - Interview Room Safety & Security

4. Traffic Management & Vehicle Security

    - Parking Control

    - Protecting Cycles and Motorcycles

5. Protecting Outhouses and Outdoor Plant & Equipment

    - Protecting Outhouses, Plant and Equipment

    - Preventing Misuse of your Wheelie Bins / Refuse Bins

6. Protecting Your Assets and Office Equipment

    - Protecting Your PCs and Office Equipment

    - Protecting your Data


Advice Pages Index (click on links below to go to page)

    - Making the most of your Security Budget

    - Risk Assessment Guide

    - About Locks & Keying (part 1)

    - About Locks & Keying (part 2)

    - IP Classifications

    - Choosing a Safe

    - Securing Your Equipment (part 1)

    - Securing Your Equipment (part 2)

    - Securing Your Equipment (part 3)

    - About Biometrics

    - "Sold Secure" Testing and Ratings

    - How an Anti Arson Mailbox could help you


Additional Help Pages (click on links below to go to page)

  1. Learn about Safety Mirrors.
  2. Types of Security Mirrors.
  3. Choosing the right Security Mirror.
  4. Convex mirrors for road safety, security and observation.
  5. Driveway mirrors for improved visibility.

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