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Protecting Industrial Estates and Grounds - Solution Finder 001

Why Estate and Grounds Security is Essential

Industrial estates, commercial premises, private estates and grounds can attract unwanted attention from both criminals and vandals. The cost to those attacked, due to damage caused and stolen property, can be very high indeed which is why rigorous security is beneficial.

How to Protect Industrial Estates and Grounds

  1. Implement access control via a manned gatehouse. While controlling access to the overall estate may not always be a practical option, where it is feasible it will obviously be an aid to security. Thieves will be less comfortable about committing a theft if they know that they have been recorded entering the estate and could therefore possibly be subsequently identified subsequently. If the gatehouse operator is in control of rising bollards or other types of road blocker, or other physical control mechanisms, it could also prove an effective intercept point on the thieves escape route should the alarm be raised.
  2. Install a shared CCTV security system. By sharing the cost of a CCTV system businesses with units on an industrial estate can enjoy the benefits while minimising costs which have significantly decreased in recent years. A critical aspect of such systems is the need to be aware of what’s happening in front of the cameras at all times. Systems are available today which will send alert messages via SMS or email when triggered.
  3. Install effective security lighting. Estates and grounds which are illuminated are far less attractive to thieves and vandals who prefer to do what they do under the cover of darkness. Low energy security lighting has become very affordable in recent years and infra-red floodlights are also used to improve the clarity of images captured on CCTV systems.
  4. Prevent site access using remotely controlled gates, rising barriers or bollards. Security gates might be operated from a gatehouse by a security guard. Alternatively, automated systems that respond to the authorised use of key cards issued to staff members are very effective and can keep track of who is on-site at any point in time.
  5. Use security mirrors to improve all round visibility. Security and safety mirrors, appropriately located around an industrial estate, commercial premises or private grounds, can improve traffic safety by aiding visibility, especially around blind corners. They can also aid site security by improving visibility.
  6. Regular security guard patrols. Thieves and vandals have far less opportunity to commit their crimes if an estate or property is routinely inspected by professional security guards. And the prospect of being caught is a powerful deterrent so signage that warns people of security patrols can be very effective.  

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