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Protect Your Grounds - Solution Finder 004

Why is Grounds Security Important

Properties with grounds can sometimes attract unwanted intruders and vandals. Open spaces are often very attractive to youngsters who seek out concealed areas from which they can gain access. The damage caused by vandals and intruders can be very costly.

How to Secure Your Grounds

  1. Pay close attention to perimeter security. Ensuring that the perimeter around property grounds is as secure as possible is essential.
  2. Install security lighting. A well lit site with no dark corners to skulk in is not nearly as appealing to the criminal as a poorly lit site offering a wealth of shadows to get lost in. In addition to conventional lighting, infra-red floodlights can also be used to assist in improving the definition of images recorded from CCTV cameras without causing light pollution for neighbours.
  3. Install outdoor alarms. High quality, considerately located alarms which are triggered by intruders are a highly effective deterrent.
  4. Improve visibility with carefully located security mirrors. An important aspect of grounds security is improving overall visibility around the site. Considerately located convex security mirrors, which enable the observer to see around corners and into concealed spaces, can significantly enhance grounds security.
  5. Install a CCTV system. The cost of CCTV security cameras has dramatically fallen in recent years while capabilities have increased enormously. While sophisticated, high definition systems are still relatively expensive there are many low cost options with powerful features such as the ability to send alert messages when triggered by motion. 

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