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Why You Need Secure Doors

Around two thirds of break-ins gain access to a property via either the front door, back door or a ground floor window. It therefore makes sense to pay special attention to securing these common points of entry.

How to Secure Your Doors

  1. Use high quality locks and security bolts. Insurance approved mortise deadlocks are an obvious must for external doors such as front doors and back doors. Security door bolts offer useful additional security for secondary doors (i.e. those not used as the main entry / exit). Panic bars, multi point locking systems, hinge bolts, shoot bolts and locking bars are also products to consider when enhancing security for main doors. For outbuildings, sheds and garages, high quality padlocks and security hasps may be appropriate for use.
  2. Don’t overlook shed, garage and outbuilding doors. Outbuildings, sheds and garages are often seen as easy targets by criminals. Shed door security bars provide a simple yet highly effective way to significantly increase door security for outbuildings.
  3. Introduce an access control system. Commonly used in many office buildings and commercial establishments, access control systems often use personal ID swipe cards and keypads with pass-codes for staff members. More sophisticated systems involving finger-print and retina recognition are becoming available.
  4. Install security shutters or grills. Internal or external, retractable grills or shutters offer significant door protection. Commonly used by high street shops when they are closed.
  5. Beef up hinge security with hinge bolts. Sometimes called dog bolts, hinge bolts significantly enhance door security at the hinge side.
  6. Install door viewers or peep holes into all external doors. Door viewers, peep holes or spy holes can be easily installed into solid front and rear doors allowing a person inside to see who is outside without having to open the door.
  7. Install front and back door security cameras. There are some excellent, low cost door security camera systems available today with wide viewing angles, providing expansive exterior visibility. These can often be remotely accessed from smartphone devices.
  8. Install a door alarm system. If a building has an alarm system the main external doors will normally be connected. But useful, standalone door alarm systems and visitor detection and alert devices are available.
  9. Implement security lighting around doorways. Doorways which are well lit and highly visible are far less appealing to criminals than dark, concealed entrances. Light pollution can be minimised by using motion detection to turn on the bright doorway security lights.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about how to improve your door security give us a call on 01273 475500. 

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