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Protecting Office Doors and Windows - Solution Finder 008

Why is Office Door and Window Security Important

Most thieves gain access to buildings via doors and windows. Burglars know that office buildings are full of valuable, desirable electronic equipment, furniture and more. It therefore make sense to pay particular attention to office door and window security.

How to Strengthen Office Door and Window Security

  1. Control access to your offices or building. Access control systems are all about ensuring that only authorised personnel are able to enter your offices. Options include manned reception desks, automated access control systems using swipe cards or keypad code entry or even more sophisticated finger print recognition or retina scan systems.
  2. Bolster external door security. Existing external office door security can be enhanced by:
    • Never leaving external doors unlocked unless they are continuously monitored.
    • Ensuring that high quality door locks which comply with the BS3621 standard are used.
    • Making certain that main door keys are not widely distributed.
    • Installing hinge bolts (dog bolts) to strengthen security at the hinge side.
    • Fitting jemmy strips to the opening edge of doors.
    • Implementing metal cladding to the outside of external doors.
    • Installing specialist security doors.
    • Installing a video or intercom based access control system.
    • Installing wide angle door viewers or peepholes in exterior doors.
  3. Install an alarm system. An alarm system requires a physical response team who will react if an alarm is triggered. Alarms can be used to initiate additional security responses such as CCTV recording or to trigger a smoke
    generation system in specific circumstances.
  4. Apply security measures to internal doors. Implementing security measures on internal office doors further enhances security by ensuing only authorised staff members can access specific areas. Internal doors might be alarmed or use swipe card or code entry access control and verification systems. Wide angle spy holes can also be useful on internal doors.
  5. Enhance office window security. Windows and doors are the main points of entry used by burglars. Office window security can be improved by:
    • Never leaving windows open or unlocked when a room is unoccupied.
    • Use window opening restrictors to enable ventilation but prevent windows being opened wide.
    • Install window alarms or connect windows to the main office security alarm system.
    • Install exterior grills or shutters to protect windows.
    • Install interior window bars to deter attempted break-ins.
    • Introduce privacy film that prevents people outside seeing into office spaces.
  6. Illuminate office doorways with security lighting. Burglars like to work without being seen. Security lighting that brightly illuminates entrances acts as an effective deterrent. Light pollution can be minimised by using PIR detectors to trigger lighting in response to detected movement. Infra-red lighting can be used in addition to conventional lighting to enhance CCTV recorded images in poor light.
  7. Install a CCTV monitoring and / or recording system. CCTV systems have become increasingly sophisticated and much more affordable. CCTV cameras installed to monitor office doorways, windows and grounds can send immediate alerts to designated staff members who can then view camera images remotely.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about how to improve your office security give us a call on 01273 475500. 

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