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Why You Need Security for Valuables, Keys and Cash

Unfortunately, theft in the workplace is common and incidents of petty theft can become problematic if allowed to persist. Businesses and organisations need to ensure that personal possessions, valuables, keys and cash are adequately secured to avoid theft and loss.

How to Secure Valuables, Keys and Cash

  1. Provide staff with secure storage for their personal belongings. Personal lockers, lockable wardrobe cabinets, or custom built storage modules offer suitable storage that will keep their possessions safe.
  2. Mark valuable items with a UV reactive transferable marking system. Transferable marking systems enable the identification of those who have come into contact with marked items. Sometimes called ‘thief catcher’ or ‘thief trapper’ marking, this technique is typically used to protect cash registers, wallets and other valuables.
  3. Install a covert CCTV monitoring system. When staff members know that their actions may be covertly observed they are deterred from committing petty theft.
  4. Use RFID asset tracking to protect valuable equipment. Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology can be effectively used to automatically track valuable assets.
  5. Use appropriate forms of ‘safe’ storage. Safes are generally associated with the storage of cash and valuable documents, but there are a variety of types of safes so it’s important to use the most appropriate form. Data safes, for example, are specifically designed to safeguard digital media. They offer protection against magnetic fields and electrostatic interference which may otherwise damage the digital data. Gun cabinets are another form of safe that’s specifically designed for the safe storage of firearms. Cash safes are available in a variety of designs including fireproof, insurance approved and business cash deposit safes.
  6. Implement a smokescreen security system. Smoke screen security systems, sometimes called fog security systems, release a dense smokey fog when triggered. The space is immediately filled with the dense smoke which is harmless to breath in but impossible to see through, inhibiting any potential theft.
  7. Enforce rigorous physical key management and storage. Ensuring physical keys don’t fall into the wrong hands to be copied without permission is vital for security. Effective use of key management and tracking systems along with key safes and secure key storage will ensure that the whereabouts of valuable keys is always known.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about securing valuables, key safes and key management give us a call on 01273 475500.

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