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Lockers, Safes & Key Management

Lockers for Valuables & Personal Possessions

Wallets, purses, bags, and other personal possessions including electronic equipment such as laptop computers, electronic organisers, etc. should not be left unattended. Personal lockers, lockable wardrobe cabinets, or custom built storage modules offer suitable storage for such items.

For organisations suffering from persistent petty theft incidents, there are a variety of sophisticated yet relatively inexpensive "Petty Theft Catcher" systems now available (e.g. to help stop internal thefts from handbags, etc.).

In addition to UV reactive transferable marking systems which can be used to identify who has handled specific specially marked items, other products which can play a role in this area include Covert CCTV monitoring systems, RF tracking systems, etc.


The Safe - for  Cash, Stamps, Computer Media, etc.

Safes are readily associated with the secure storage of cash and valuables, yet this is only one of a number of applications to which they can be put.

It is important to understand however that there are different types of safe and it is very important to ensure that the correct type of safe is being employed for a given application.

Whilst a "Data Safe" could be used as a fire safe, it may not offer an appropriate level of security for storing cash. A "Fire Safe" or "Burglary Safe" however will certainly not offer an adequate level of protection for storing Data Media.


Smoke Generating Systems

Smoke generating systems can offer effective protection for valuable items in vulnerable areas such as stock rooms, etc. where individually securing items is not practical.

When triggered, a smoke system will flood the designated area with a dense "fog" in a matter of seconds making it impossible for the potential thief to see what he/she is looking for, thereby preventing its theft.

Such systems must be professionally installed by a qualified installer and there is a statutory obligation to advise emergency services such as the Police, Fire Authority, etc. of the installation as well as your own Alarm Company!

Although generically typically referred to as Smoke systems, in operation they are technically more aligned to fog as the "Smoke" is typically generated by heating a glycol mixture to a high temperature and then pumping it into the atmosphere where it condenses to form the dense barrier. In general terms, when properly installed, these systems should be safe to use in virtually any area and should not be harmful to people, food, or electronic equipment such as PCs.

There are however currently a number of systems of this type available and when selecting one care must be taken to ensure that it conforms to the appropriate standards, both from a safety point of view and if appropriate, also meets your Insurers requirements. For safety reasons, these systems should be installed in a way that ensures they can only be activated once authorised personnel are excluded from the designated area.


Key Management & Storage

You can invest in and use the best lock in the world ...  but if the key is left in the lock your security will be non existent!

Although this may sound flippant it really is amazing the number of times we come across what can only be described as a casual approach to key management and security - even when talking to some larger organisations. The safe storage and management of keys must be an essential element of any corporate security strategy.

From simple Key Storage / Organiser Cabinets, to sophisticated electronic key logging and retention systems, there are a wealth of products available to suit every requirement and budget.

Do you always know who holds each of your keys!.



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