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Why Security is Essential for Interview Rooms and Offices

Sadly we live in an increasingly violent society and anyone who finds themselves in a one to one conversational situation with another person could be subject to threat or actual violence. Interview rooms, consulting rooms and office spaces are all potential hotspots.

How to Secure Interview Rooms and Office Spaces

  1. Restrict internal access and movement. Restricting movement around a building can significantly enhance security. By isolating specific areas unauthorised intruders will be thwarted and their attempts to gain deeper access frustrated. Locked internal doors and retractable grills will ensure that only authorised personnel are able to access secure spaces.
  2. Implement an access control system. Access control systems using personal identification swipe cards and keypad PIN code entry pads are now commonplace. Sophisticated finger print and retina scanning recognition systems are also now being used in some high security environments.
  3. Provide instantaneous staff safety alarms. Alarm and alert systems such as Pinpoint enable staff to easily and discreetly activate calls for assistance and alert an emergency.
  4. Install a CCTV monitoring system. Low cost CCTV monitoring and recording systems are now very affordable. They enable visitors to be visually monitored to track their whereabout and will deter vandals, graffiti artists, burglars and other intruders.
  5. Provide a permanently manned reception area. Organisations must fulfil their duty of care toward visitors and ensure site safety. A permanently staffed reception facility can be used to monitor CCTV, log visitors, issue visitor identification badges and ensure that who is onsite is always known for the benefit of both security and safety.
  6. Ensure staff security in interview rooms. Providing systems that enable an interviewer to call for help will bolster interview room security. Small, personal gas-powered audible alarms can be very effective. Panic buttons that send an alert to the reception desk are another option. Interview room doors should be fitted with an inward facing door viewer spy hole to enable situation assessment before opening the door. Staff protection systems such as Pinpoint will also enhance staff security in interview rooms.
  7. Protect valuable equipment as used in training rooms. Training rooms are often filled with a significant number of computers, training aids and other valuable equipment making them a target for would-be thieves. Individual items can be alarmed or linked together to a loop alarm system. Valuable equipment can also be fixed in place using CAB-L-OCK or STRONGHOLD lockdown systems. Equipment might also be marked with a visible security identification system to deter theft.
  8. Thoroughly dispose of legacy data. Data Protection legislation imposes a duty of care on organisations in respect of restricting access to and the use of certain types of data. Whether the data is held in paper form, or on optical or magnetic media, a shredder could be the answer to its safe disposal when it is no longer required by the organisation.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about securing your office spaces give us a call on 01273 475500. 

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