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Parking Control

From reserving parking spaces for staff or visitors to removing dangerously or inconsiderately parked vehicles, vehicle management is a headache for most organisations.


Parking Space Reservation

Warning signs and / or fold down locking posts or lockable lift out posts offer a simple means of handling individual parking bays.

For larger parking areas it may be preferable to establish a formal car park allowing control to be moved to the park entrance / exit. Traffic flow control plates, access control in the form of rising arm or ramp mechanisms and CCTV monitoring may all feature among product considerations.

Wheel Clamps (and signage)

Wheel Clamps offer a deterrent to, and a means of penalising, would be unauthorised users.

It is important to erect clear and highly visible warning signs if clamping operations are to be undertaken, and also to ensure that illegally parked vehicles are not damaged during the exercise.

When considering the use of wheel clamps however, bear in mind that over recent years, the government has introduced new legislation to combat the "Clamping Cowboys", which has imposed a number of restrictions on when and how clamps can be used. Before you buy therefore, you should check that your application for clamps is legally acceptable, or you could be buying an expensive white elephant! 


Keeping Routes Clear for Emergency Vehicles such as Fire Engines, Ambulances, etc

It is amazing how inconsiderate some drivers are - they simply stop and leave their car where it's convenient for them. Inconsiderate parking can and does however cost lives! especially where such obstructions prevent access for emergency vehicles, etc.

GoJak Mobile Vehicle Skates;  these practical units offer a simple, quick and safe means of moving inconsiderately or dangerously parked vehicles.

Gojak Vehicle skates are applied to each of the offending vehicles wheels which are raised clear of the ground. The vehicle may then be pushed to a new location courtesy of the heavy duty castors which form an integral part of each of the special Gojak skates.


Traffic Flow Plates

Traffic Flow Plates enforce a one way flow of traffic over the plates, which can be surface mounted or embedded into the road surface. They can obviously be used to ensure that no one is sneaking into your carpark via the unattended exit, etc.


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