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Protecting Cycles and Motorcycles - Solution Finder 012

Why You Need Security for Bikes and Motorbikes

With increasing pressure to reduce the use of the vehicles, coupled with encouragement toward a healthier lifestyle, many organisations face a growth in demand from their employees for secure work-time storage facilities for bicycles and motorcycles. Over 100,000 two wheelers are stolen throughout the UK every year making it essential to pay attention to bike security and motorbike security at home, in the workplace and when out and about.

How to Secure Bicycles

  1. Bring your bike indoors. Wherever possible, bringing your bike indoors and securing it behind a locked door is a sensible security precaution.
  2. Secure your bike in a garage, shed or secure bike shed. Hiding your valuable bike from would-be thieves avoids temptation. Inside sheds, garages or other external bike storage facilities bicycles should be securely locked to an immovable anchor point.
  3. Use only high quality CEN rated bicycle locks. CEN rated, high security padlocks present a significant challenge to would-be bike thieves.
  4. Use high security security chains or cables. The chains and cables used with your bike lock should also provide high security.
  5. Attach your bike to an immovable anchor. It’s vitally important that bikes are securely attached to an immovable anchor point when locked up.
  6. Register and mark your bike with a security tag. Thieves avoid bicycles that are clearly security marked. Registering and marking your valuable bicycle will help prevent theft and provide the police with valuable identification information if your bike is stolen.
  7. For rigorous bike security, use two locking systems. Using two, separate bicycle locking systems presents thieves with a formidable challenge which will discourage most of them.
  8. Remove any easily detached parts when away from home. Bicycle parts are extremely valuable to thieves. Many of today’s bicycles have quick release saddles, wheels and handlebars so wherever possible these should be removed. When not possible, the secure locking system should ensure that parts can’t be easily removed.
  9. Make certain your bicycle insurance is adequate. It’s important to make certain your bicycle is insured appropriately and that you are fully compliant with all of the insurance bike security requirements.

How to Secure Motorbikes

  1. Use a high quality motorbike alarm and immobiliser. An insurance approved combined alarm and immobiliser will deter most thieves.
  2. Use only high security motorbike chains and locks. It’s essential, when securing a motorbike with a chain and lock, to securely attach the machine to an immovable anchor point. Only high security chains and locks should be used.
  3. Attach your motorbike to a robust, immovable anchor point. Car parks with motorbike parking provision should offer immovable anchor points in the motorbike parking bays. If a motorbike is left outdoors at home, it should also be securely locked to an immovable anchor point.
  4. Secure your motorbike in a locked garage, shed or storage facility. Hiding valuable motorbikes away from the view of criminals helps avoid temptation. It’s also important to securely attach the motorbike to an immovable anchor when inside the garage or storage space.
  5. Register and mark your motorbike. Registering your motorbike raises the possibility of it being returned if stolen and retrieved. Security tagging helps deter would-be thieves. Apply security markings to all motorbike parts to help prevent the bike being broken down and sold as parts.
  6. Manually immobilise your motorbike. Removing the spark plug or HT cap will immobilise a motorcycle but should not be relied upon as the only security precaution.
  7. Ensure your motorcycle insurance is appropriate. It’s important to make certain that you have adequate motorcycle insurance and that you comply with the security requirements of your policy. 

Recommended Security Products

Here are just a handful of links to specific products which are widely used to secure bicycles, motorcycles and motorscooters.

To learn more about high security chains and how to make the right choice please visit this security chains page.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about bicycle security or how to secure motorbikes give us a call on 01273 475500. 

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