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Protecting Outhouses, Plant and Equipment - Solution Finder 013

Why You Need Security for Outbuildings, Plant and Equipment

Sheds, garages, barns and outhouses are favoured targets for thieves who know that there is far less chance of alerting home or business owners and that they are likely to find plenty of valuable items inside. Ride on mowers, tractors, farm machinery, plant and equipment are amongst the valuables sought by criminals.

How to Secure Your Outbuildings, Plant Machinery and Valuable Equipment

  1. Install motion sensitive alarms. Stand alone portable or mobile alarms, triggered by motion, with radio or other link back to a central monitoring station, are a valuable security precaution.
  2. Introduce motion triggered lighting around outhouses and equipment yards. Thieve like to carry out their crimes unseen. Motion sensitive lighting that brightly illuminates external buildings and areas where equipment is stored will act as a powerful theft deterrent.
  3. Install stand alone window and door alarms. Stand alone alarms are not connected into the building alarm, but sound a localised alarm to warn of unauthorised access. Protecting garage, shed and outhouse doors and windows with alarms adds a valuable layer of security.
  4. Use high security locks, padlocks, security chains and ground anchors. Robust door and window locks on all outbuildings are essential. If doors are not fitted with locks then they should be secured with appropriate high security padlocks, hasps and possibly security chains. Similarly, fields and yards where equipment is stored should be secured using high security, reliable chains and padlocks. High security ground anchors provide immovable anchor points to which valuable plant, equipment, vehicles and machinery can be securely attached.
  5. Introduce a Smoke Generating System. These systems present a shock for the thief and a practical deterrent. Some smoke systems used to protect outhouses, sports pavilions and other structures utilise a different type of smoke than those used within an office or warehouse type environment and may even be cheaper.
  6. Install a CCTV system. The cost of CCTV equipment had dropped enormously while the capabilities and simplicity of the equipment has grown. A simple proximity triggered CCTV system can be configured to send alert messages to a mobile phone when triggered.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about how to rigorously secure your outbuildings, plant, machinery or equipment give us a call on 01273 475500.

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