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Protecting Wheelie Bins - Solution Finder 014

Why You Need Wheelie Bin Security

Although not the most obvious target for theft, rubbish bins are frequent targets for vandals and arsonists. Vandals can cause a lot of trouble by spilling bin contents around your site and arsonists might fill bins with flammable material, position the bins against your building door or wall and ignite it. Wheelie bins are also used to dispose of sensitive personal and company information that can potentially be used by criminals. Thieves are also known to use wheelie bins as a method to transport stolen property.

How to Secure Your Wheelie Bins

  1. Lock your wheelie bins out of sight. Leaving wheelie bins out in the open puts them at risk of theft or tampering. If possible, securely lock your bins away, out of sight.
  2. Prevent arson by fitting anti arson bin lid locks. Be securing the lid on your wheelie bin with a lid lock arsonists are prevented from setting fire to the contents.
  3. Securely attach your wheelie bin to an immovable anchor. By chaining and padlocking your wheelie bin to an immovable anchor point such as a wall or an in-ground security anchor, wheelie bin theft and tampering is prevented.
  4. Fit Wheelie Bin wheel clamps. Clamping your wheelie bin wheels makes it difficult for a criminal to steel or misuse your bin.
  5. Never dispose of sensitive information in your wheelie bin. Sensitive company or personal information should never be retrievable from your bin. Ideall, all documentation that contains personal or business information should be shredded before going in the bin.

Remember that we are here to help. If you have any questions about how to secure your wheelie bins give us a call on 01273 475500. 

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