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Protecting Office Equipment

Fax Machines, Scanners and Copiers

Security mark equipment and if possible, keep it out of public sight.

Consider a physical strap down system (such as CAB-L-OCK) to prevent unauthorised removal of equipment in vulnerable locations or to protect higher value items.


Computer Equipment.

Physically restraining valuable items such as PCs against unauthorised removal or relocation is an excellent precaution (and may be a requirement as specified by insurers).

Such protective measures will not only act as a theft deterrent, but are also an active aid to asset management as the unauthorised relocation of equipment is also prevented. Unlike some other types of security measures, physical restraint systems are in operation 24 hours a day, all year round, - so your equipment is always protected.

Physical security options include; Cable type lock down systems or a security enclosure / entrapment system.

When using a full enclosure it is important to choose a unit that allows adequate ventilation as some such systems have been known to cause premature failure of the equipment protected through overheating.

Stand alone equipment alarms and electronic tagging systems offer an alternative approach to security, whilst asset labelling / identification systems offer low cost complimentary measures to be used with any of the other systems.


Laptop PCs, Mobile Phones, etc.

Take care not to leave valuable items such as mobile phones or laptop PCs, lying around unattended or visible in vulnerable areas - even when recharging batteries, etc.. Most modern Laptop computers (and many other items) now incorporate as standard a "Micro Security Slot" allowing them to be physically secured in virtually any location with a special portable security cable based lock down system. Laptop PCs can also be secured in fixed or mobile security cabinets & trolleys.

Marking such equipment with some sort of Asset Marking / Identification system is a very low cost option that readily identifies ownership of the item and therefore acts as a theft deterrent.


And don`t forget the importance of your data

As far as Laptop computers are concerned, the Data held on the hard drive of what in essence is your portable office, is often as valuable to the owner as the equipment, especially where such data is of a company sensitive or personal nature.

Imagine the potential consequences of your "Corporate Strategy Documents", "Price Quotes", etc. falling into the hands of your competitors, which could possibly happen if your laptop were stolen.

Protecting the onboard data can be achieved using a combination of password protection and data encryption technology.

Data Protection legislation imposes a duty of care on organisations in respect of restricting access to and the use of certain types of data, whilst safe care of company sensitive information is a commercial necessity. Whether the data is held in paper form, or on optical or magnetic media, a shredder could be the answer to its safe disposal when it is no longer required by the organisation.


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