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Spiked Anti-climb Pole Collars – range extended


Fitting a spiked collar or anti-climb bracket to your equipment poles or posts is a simple, practical and easy way to prevent people from climbing them to steal or damage your CCTV cameras or other equipment.


It will also stop unwelcome intruders from using the pole as an aid to gain...

access to restricted areas, flat roofs or vulnerable upper storey windows.







Types of Anti-climb Brackets and Spiked Collar Collars;

round spiked anti-climb collar



Round poles require a round bracket like this one, and while many purpose manufactured CCTV poles, lamp posts, etc., are round, often CCTV cameras and other equipment that needs protecting, is installed at temporary sites on cheap and easily available poles such as scaffold poles.




Square spiked anti-climb collar


Not all poles however are round, so there are a range of anti-climb brackets designed specifically for use with square posts. Building sites for instance, are often protected by anti-intruder sensors, CCTV cameras, security lights, etc., all of which are tempting targets for thieves. Often at such sites, this type of equipment will be mounted on a wooden post fabricated from the plentiful materials lying around.





Choosing Your Anti-climb Bracket / Spiked Collar

When buying a spiked collar, it is important to choose one that is the correct size for the pole or post on which it is to be fitted.

spiked collar on a round poleSpiked Collars for round poles;

To select an anti-climb bracket to fit onto a round pole, simply measure the diameter of the pole and choose a spiked collar of the appropriate size.

Popular round pole diameter sizes include; 76, 89,100, 114, 139, 168, 193, 219 and 273mm, brackets, all of which are now stock products. ... and of course, the Insight Security "Instant Spiked Collar" range can be delivered next working day for virtually any size round pole.









spiked anti-climb bracket on square postSpiked Collars for square posts;

By popular request, Insight have now added a range of square anti-climb brackets to their range. Sizes include 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 150 and 200mm.

Fitting your Anti-climb Bracket / Spiked Collar

When fitting your Spiked Collar, you`ll need to install it at a height that will not cause accidental injury - it is strongly recommended that anti-climb spikes should wherever possible be installed at a minimum height of 2.2 metres from the ground (a higher minimum height restriction may apply for certain locations or where children may be present).







anti-climb spikes warning sign


anti-climb spikes flexisign on poleYou may also need to display a warning sign, such as the self-adhesive flexi-sign from Insight, which simply sticks directly onto the post.





Need help or advice?

For more information, visit: www.insight-security.com

or Buy Pole Spikes on-line: www.insight-security.com/spiked-collars-for-poles-and-pipes

or call the friendly experts at Insight Security – t: 01273 475500

This message was added on Tuesday 16th August 2016

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