SportsCam (DV Microcam) lpg film your best tricks and share with friends

Now your friends and family can experience your latest;

downhill mountain bike run, or slalom ski run,

as if they were there with you!

Capture the fun in great quality movies (with audio) with this rugged and easily affordable

Sports Camera which your can wear as a helmet camera, strap it to your bike, skis, etc,

or simply clip it to your clothing

Your 90 year old granny, may not be fit enough to ride a mountain bike down through the woods,

or practice aerobatic tricks with a skate board, but there's no age limit to who can share your

experience with you on film!

Smallest Digital Video Camera in the world?

...smaller than your thumb, this amazing digital video camera weighs in at just 50g and measures just; 55 x 28 x 20mm (approx).




Tough enough for demanding environments and sports

The rugged metal alloy body and quality construction, ensures that the SportsCam from Insight Security will stand up to the toughest treatment ...operates in temperatures from as low as  -10 degrees C, and as high as +60 degrees C.

Whether you want a mountain bike camera, hang gliding camera, something to record your skiing, your latest skateboarding action, or any other active sport,...

this is the camera for you!

the ideal "On-Board" action camera for:


Paragliding             Mountain biking


Skate boarding           Skiing / Snow boarding

...and lots more

Records high quality colour footage

The sheer quality of the images recorded by these stunning little cameras will amaze you

...the technical bit;

    - CMOS colour camera

    - 2,000,000 pixels

    - Motion JPEG recording for AVI format

    - VGA (640 x 480 pixels)

    - Camera angle of view (horizontal) - 72 degrees (approx.)

    - Records in light conditions down to 1.0 Lux

...other features include "Real Time" recording (25 frames per second for natural looking movement).





filmed through the windscreen of a moving car,  this screenshot was captured via Windows Media Player, during playback of a recording made using the sportscam

Simple to use  ...and you can easily upload and share your recordings on YouTube!

Recording: the camera features just three simple control buttons;

  - Power Button - "on/off"

   - Record Button 1 (for instant recording) - "start/stop"

  - Record Button 2 (for voice activated recording) - "on/off"

(note: the voice activated recording button sets the camera to automatically start and stop recordings based on sound detection).

Viewing your film: playing back your recordings couldn't be easier, simply plug the camera into a spare USB slot (USB 1.1 or 2.0) on your PC, using the cable supplied and view your footage using "Windows Media Player", or any other standard AVI compatible software.

Compatible PC operating systems: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista 32

Sharing your videos; ...why keep it to yourself? - for many users, at least part of the fun of owning one of these brilliant little cameras is the opportunity it offers you to upload your recorded footage to sites like YouTube to share with your friends and family (or even competitors!).

 Best Price - Grab a Bargain;

List Price;  £79.99 ex vat  (£91.99 inc vat)

But if you hurry, you can buy your

SportsCam on-line now at our

amazing special offer price of

just  £42.95 ex vat

Recording and Operating time

Powering the camera: - the rechargeable Lithium battery provides power for around 2 hours of filming, or around 10 days standby mode (i.e. for voice activated recording). The battery is recharged via the USB connection to your PC or by using the mains adaptor supplied (full recharge takes approx.2 hours).

Recording capacity; images are recorded to a Micro SD card, which offers approx. 40 minutes of video recording per 1 GB card capacity.

2GB Micro SD card supplied with camera (supports up to 8GB card)

Everything you need is in the box!

All you need to get you up and running in is in the box, so you won't have to dash out and buy batteries or recording media before you can start to enjoy recording!

The camera is protected by its robust metal body shell and the silicone rubber weather protector sleeve provides added protection for your camera when used for those outdoor pursuits.

 what's in the box?

1x Camera with built in rechargeable lithium battery

1x  2GB Micro SD card

1x USB cable

1x Neckstrap

1x detachable super-clip

The versatile Super-Clip

Manufactured from a rugged plastic, the super-clip is designed to attach to a belt, arm band, velcro strap, etc.

....while the clever ridged grip surface of the clip ensures that the unit stays in place even when you're at your most active.

Good for the environment ...and your bank balance!

Unlike other cameras which rely on conventional alkaline battery cells for their power, the built in rechargeable lithium battery means you won't be forking out money for new batteries every time you film,

...or polluting landfill sites when you dispose of them.

the built in rechargeable lithium battery means that you won't need to spend a fortune on alkaline batteries to keep your camera running!


...other popular uses for the SportsCam:

...these versatile little units are also great for;

Making fun videos with your mates, recording stag & hen nights, etc.,

On-board / on-person recording of sports events such as; motocross, speedway, hill climbs, quad biking, hiking, rock climbing, etc.

Light enough and small enough to fit easily into model boats and aeroplanes - these cameras are also popular with model makers, model aeroplane clubs, etc.

...but remember this is also a serious bit of quality technology that's equally at home when used for covert surveillance applications, monitoring and recording what's going on outside of your home or office, monitoring of stock rooms (voice activated recording), etc. fact these versatile little units offer endless possibilities - what other things could you be using one for?

 are you suffering from anti social behaviour, graffiti attacks or vandalism?

perched unobtrusively on a window ledge,

the camera easily records outside activity

(even through double glazing)


Buy with confidence

100% 'Total Satisfaction'

"No Quibble" - Money Back GUARANTEE

Because we are 100% sure that you'll be absolutely delighted with your DV-MicroCam when it arrives, we're very happy to back up your purchase with our "No Quibble" Money Back guarantee., in the unlikely event that you are not completely delighted with your purchase (for whatever reason) when it arrives, - simply call us to obtain a "Returns Authorisation Number" and returns address.

(You won't be given a hard time if you decide you want to return your camera, but our system simply will not accept returns without an authorised Returns Number). what are you waiting for?

Best price in town! 

take advantage of our current special discounted on-line price now

Optional Extreme Sports Pack

Includes; helmet strap, armband, velcro straps, headband bracket, general purpose pan and tilt bracket, superclip and weather protective sleeve

...all you need to make the best use of your SportsCam for your particular extreme action sport!




...Extreme Sports Pack

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