Staff monitoring and protection - SG100

SG100 Personal Security Alarm

A personal alarm that fails when you need it most it is worse than useless - which is why when you find yourself walking home alone, maybe in poor weather conditions or in the dark - when fellow pedestrians may be few and far between, you will appreciate the reliability and the astounding performance of this amazing personal security alarm

The simple instinctive rip cord operation makes the unit easy to operate - even when shock or fear may slow or inhibit less instinctive reactions. Once activated, only re-inserting the ripcord into the unit will stop the siren - so its not easy for any would be attacker to silence it.

Unlike gas operated alarms which can suffer degraded operation in severe weather conditions, our electronic alarm will not let you down

 -The unit is supplied complete with wall bracket and belt clip
 -Can be used as a personal alarm, handbag / briefcase alarm
 -Amazing 130 decibel oscillating siren
 -Simple rip cord activation (ripcord fitted with belt / handbag clip)
 -Robust ABS weather resistant casing with anti shock bumper
 -Optional accessories available to convert unit to a portable door / window alarm, interview room panic alarm, etc.


Compact and lightweight the reliable SG100 personal alarm is easy to carry and simple to operate

SG100 shown with the optional door / window switch which simply plugs into the rip cord socket to convert the SG100 into a versatile travel alarm - use it in your hotel room, holiday home, etc.

The convenient recessed test button makes it simple to test the battery or operation of the unit at any time without the everyday risk of accidental activation. Supplied complete with a high quality PP3 type battery which offers up to 2 hours continuous operation of the siren!

SG100 shown with optional door / window switch (prod ref; LD DWSW)

The powerful piercing 130 db oscillating siren can be heard for up to half a mile away so you can be sure of attracting attention and potential help from the widest possible area - while at the same time the powerful penetrating local sound waves are designed to cause discomfort and disorientation in those close to the source. Just how loud is 130 db?  - well as a rough guide: loud thunder is around 110 db, a shotgun blast is around 125 db!  

WARNING  - At close range the powerful siren of the SG100 may cause hearing damage, keep away from children & pets

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