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Stegastrip Anti-climb Spikes - choice of pack sizes

Product code: PS STEGASTRIP

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Fearsome looking, Stegastrip is a great visual deterrent to intruders and practical wall or fence topping, yet safe enough to use in many domestic environments...

Warning - Installation Height Restrictions may apply and the display of Warning Signs may be required (see below for details)



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Stegastrip Anti-climb Spikes - choice of pack sizes SKU Number - PSS05000

Stegastrip is an innovative anti climb spike system that looks as though it’s made from wrought iron, yet these aggressive looking security fence spikes / wall spikes, are actually manufactured from rugged, UV stabilised & weather resistant, polypropylene plastic.

A strong visual deterrent to unwelcome intruders, these anti climb fence spikes are designed to ensure that they won`t cause serious injury should anyone come into accidental contact with them, making them ideal for use in and around domestic homes & gardens among other places.

Ideal for use on fence tops, gates and walls, drainpipes, etc. these versatile spike strips are designed so that they can be fixed to flat or contoured surfaces for maximum flexibility.

Great for keeping out unwelcome intruders, be they the human variety, the neighbours cats, or any other unwelcome visitors.


Size / Dimensions:

Length:          each strip is 50cm long (half a metre - approx. 18 inches)
Base Width:   5cm (2 inches) with pre drilled fixing holes
Max Width     13cm (5 inches) - spike tip to spike tip
Height:           6.0cm (2.4 inches)


Fixing & Installation:

Typically the strips will be screwed in position using some of the convenient fixing holes formed into each strip (this is the recommended method of fixing).

Stegastrip fixing holes

Where screwing is not practical, the spiked strips can be stuck in position using a specialist adhesive such as Pinkgrip (one standard tube of Pinkgrip is sufficient to fix around 5 metres of Stegastrip into position).

Stegastrips are manufactured from a polypropylene material, which few adhesives bond to effectively, so whatever adhesive you choose to use, please check that it provides a suitable bond for your application.

If required, Stegastrip can also be easily secured to pipes, railings, or poles, with plastic cable ties.


Stega Barrier - the New Addition to the Stega Strip Range:

Stegastrip is now also available as our formidable looking Rotating Anti-climb Barrier, see our exciting new Stega Barrier.


See see all Anti-Climb Products at Insight Security.

Safety - for obvious safety reasons, the installation of Stega Strip at a height of less than head height is not recommended

Warning Signs -  to satisfy the requirements of the Occupiers Liability Act, appropriate, high visability warning signs should be displayed wherever Stega Strip is installed
(note: warning signs are not normally required for domestic installations except for areas where Prikla is installed on a boundary wall , fence, etc., bordering onto a public thoroughfare, or common land, etc.).

The essence of the legislation requires the presence of any potentially hazardous materials or obstacles to be clearly identified to persons (lawfully or unlawfully in the area) who may come into contact with them, which is why we believe that our 150 x 100mm high visability, black and yellow warning sign is of the minimum size and promenance required to meet your statutory obligations

Note: for domestic locations, most customers choose our discrete mini warning sign (product code; PS WSAINT), which measures just; 85 x 55mm and features black text on a white plastic background.
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Adrian Prong

Recently ordered the stegastrip, really great product, easy to install and a fast well packed delivery

Paul Spearman

Excellent product, easy to install and it stops anyone from climbing drain pipes, though it can and does puncture the kids balls but a price worth paying for peace of mind.

Ken Atkins

Following a Prowler incident around the rear of our and neighbors home together we decided to increase our security...by the use of the stegastrips..These have been secured to the shed roofs which the prowler stood on to get to our rear gate to provide an easy escape if it was required...this is now secured with stegastrips and a good strong padlock and hasp. backed up with security cameras both front and rear of my property.. The stegastips are easy to fit and give a good visual to anyone attempting to climb over fences or gate

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