Stegastrip Anti-climb Rota-Barrier - choice of pack sizes

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The fearsome wrought iron like appearance, makes Rotating Stega-Barrier a great visual deterrent to intruders and a practical wall or fence topping.

Warning - Installation Height Restrictions may apply and the display of Warning Signs may be required (see below for details)



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Stegastrip Anti-climb Rota-Barrier - choice of pack sizes

Utilising the standard Stegastrip component, and special mounting posts, Stega Rota-Barrier, is an innovative rotating anti climb spike type barrier.

With a simulated appearance of wrought iron, these aggressive looking security fence spikes, are actually manufactured from a rugged, weather resistant, UV stabilised polypropylene type plastic.

With a fearsome appearance, providing a powerful visual deterrent to unwelcome intruders, this anti climb barrier is designed to ensure that whilst painful if gripped, it won`t cause serious injury should anyone come into accidental contact with it, making it ideal for use in and around domestic homes & gardens as well as commercial and other premises.

Ideal for use on fence tops, gates and walls, in domestic or commercial locations.

Size / Dimensions:

Length:           each strip is 500mm (50cm / 19.5 inches) long - 2 strips are required for each 500mm of Rotating Barrier.
Barrier Width: 130mm (13cm / 5 inches) - spike tip to spike tip
Base Width:    50mm (the fixing point section of the strip)


Fixing & Installation:

The strips are screwed together (back to back) using the fixing holes and receiving domes moulded into each strip. The assembled 500mm sections of Rotating Barrier are then installed onto the special mounting posts.

Screws to fix the pieces together are sold separately, each 1m section requires 24 screws (size 6 x 3/4), which can be purchased in boxes of 200 via the drop-down menu.


Pack Contents of Standard Packs:

Rotating StegaBarrier is available in several popular pack sizes, each of which contains the stegastrip sections and mounting posts needed to install the pack as a single run, i.e. the Barrier is installed in a straight line with no height changes.

StegaBarrier installation diagram 

The 2 metre pack includes:  8 x 500mm stegastrips and 5 x Mounting posts.

Note: if you intend to install the 2 metre Barrier as two separate 1 metre runs, you would need an additional end post, as you would need 3 end posts for each run. 

The same principle applies to all standard packs, so if buying a 25metre pack which you intend to install as 2 x 10metre runs and 1 x 5 metre run, you would need 2 extra End Posts. (1 extra End Post is required for each extra run you install from a standard pack).


See also the Stegastrip Static Barrier product.

See see all Anti-Climb Products at Insight Security.


Safety - for obvious safety reasons, the installation of Stega Strip at a height of less than head height is not recommended

Warning Signs -  to satisfy the requirements of the Occupiers Liability Act, appropriate, high visability warning signs should be displayed wherever Stega Strip is installed
(note: warning signs are not normally required for domestic installations except for areas where Prikla is installed on a boundary wall , fence, etc., bordering onto a public thoroughfare, or common land, etc.).

The essence of the legislation requires the presence of any potentially hazardous materials or obstacles to be clearly identified to persons (lawfully or unlawfully in the area) who may come into contact with them, which is why we believe that our 150 x 100mm high visability, black and yellow warning sign is of the minimum size and promenance required to meet your statutory obligations

Note: for domestic locations, most customers choose our discrete mini warning sign (product code; PS WSAINT), which measures just; 85 x 55mm and features black text on a white plastic background.
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Stuart Dunkley

Good product, as described other than when buying a ‘Pack’ with the intention of fixing strips together, there should be screws provided. I don’t believe the website stipulates that you have to provide your own.


What is Segastrip?

Introducing Stegastrip and Rotating Stega Barrier anti-climb intruder protection products

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