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SUPRA C500 Outdoor Keysafe - Police Approved

Product code: SK C500SUPRA

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SUPRA C500 Police Approved Outdoor Key Safe, the safe way to leave a key for Carers, Health Visitors, paying guests at holiday lets and lots more.



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SUPRA C500 Outdoor Keysafe - Police Approved SKU Number - KEY62010

Certifications and approvals

The Police approved Supra C500 outdoor key safe is certified to LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) security rating (LPS) 1175, level 1.


Why would you use an outdoor keysafe?

There are many reasons why you may need to leave a door key for a trusted person to use while you are not available to let them in to your home, or other location.

The Supra C500 key safe offers a safe way to leave a door key for a care worker or health visitor visiting the home of an elderly or incapacitated patient, or perhaps you need a safe way to leave a key for your trusted cleaner, or your youngsters returning from school (or a nightclub), to save the risk of them carrying your house keys around and possibly losing them, with all the hassle and expense that would cause!

You may of course simply want a secure way to leave a key outside your home for emergency use, such as when you lock yourself out! ...or perhaps you just need a safe and convenient way to leave a key for visitors or paying guests to your holiday home.

Whatever the reason, the Supra C500 Key Safe is the ideal choice as it`s a tried and tested outdoor key box offering security for the keys or other contents left in it.

Why choose the C500?

Whilst we offer a full range of leave-a-key safe, outdoor key boxes to suit every need and budget, the C500 is one of the very few key safes currently available, which is officially approved by the Police for outdoor installation, and which has also achieved "Secured by Design" accreditation and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) security rating (LPS) 1175, level 1, among others awards.


Installing and Using the C500 Outdoor Key Safe

Installing your C500 Keysafe is quick and easy;

Installation of the Keysafe really is a doddle - a simple, easy to follow installation guide, fitting template and fixings are supplied with each C500 unit.

Using your C500 Keysafe is simple and convenient;

The built in weather cover protects the key box and its contents from the elements, whilst the convenient digital keypad and sure grip opening knob, are easy enough to use, even for people suffering with poor eyesight, or arthritic fingers, etc.

You set your own secret code to open the unit, which you can then share with the trusted people you want to be able to access the stored keys. The code you set will typically be a 5, 6 or 7 digit code, and you can change the code quickly and easily as often and whenever you choose.

You may want to change the code for instance, if a new carer has started visiting, or you change your house cleaner. Changing the code makes it easy for you to ensure that only the right, trusted people have access to your keys at any time (remember however, that if you do change your secret code, you will need to give the new code to the people you still want to have access to your keys).

Who uses the C500 Keysafe?

Anyone who needs to safely leave a key for a trusted other person to use will find the C500 Keysafe a great choice. It saves getting extra keys cut, just one set is all you need, so you won`t have to worry about others losing a set of your keys, which could of course mean you would have to pay for an expensive change of your locks (and get a whole new set of keys cut)!

The security level of the C500 Keysafe makes it a recommended choice by Local Authorities and Care Providers (for use by Health Visitors, etc.), as well as the Police.

...so when security of your keys is important, the C500 will be your natural choice.


Technical Specs:

Dimensions (Exterior) - HxWxD:

141 x 76 x 52mm (5.55" x 2.99" x 2.04")

Dimensions (Interior) - HxWxD:

79 x 51 x 18mm (3.11" x 2.01" x 0.71")

Weight: 1800g

Note; for the installation, you will need a 5mm masonry drill bit and a Torx T30 screwdriver/bit.

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