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The Importance of Reliable Ground and Wall Anchors


We regularly highlight the importance of attaching valuables to immovable security anchors - either wall anchors or ground anchors. In this latest blog we discuss the various types of security anchors and how they are used.

Most cyclists and motorbike riders understand the importance of selecting a good, solid anchorage to attach their valuable bikes, via security chains or cables, when out and about. Many of today’s motorbike parking facilities offer robust, immovable anchor points around which riders will wrap their security chains or cables. And cyclists will often use immovable lamp posts or fence posts to securely lock and attach their bikes.

At home, although many people store their bikes and motorbikes in sheds or garages, its still important to attach these and other valuables to immovable anchor points. If a thief breaks into an outbuilding where valuables are stored the additional challenge presented by securely securing bikes, motorbikes, mowers and other valuables, to immovable anchor points, can be enough to send them packing.

Types of Security Anchor

The following types of security anchor are often used:

  • Screw-in ground anchors
  • Wall anchors
  • Bolt down ground anchors
  • Concrete-in ground anchors.

Attaching valuables to robust, immovable anchor points is the best way to prevent them from being stolen. But its important to recognise how the levels of security offered by these anchor types varies enormously.

Screw-in Ground Anchors

Screw-in ground anchors basically look like very large corkscrews that are simply installed by screwing them into soft ground. Obviously, this form of anchor would not be suitable for concrete surfaces. Another important consideration when using this type of device is what’s under the ground into which its being screwed. Puncturing a pipe or penetrating a hidden cable could be disastrous.

Once screwed into the earth valuables, such as bikes or mowers, can be securely locked to the anchor point using high security chains, cables and padlocks. While it would be possible to unscrew the corkscrew ground anchor, this isn’t easily achieved while a heavy motorbike, ride-on mower or other cumbersome valuable is attached. So this type of ground anchor is used by some for security applications.

But screw in ground anchors are perhaps more commonly used to secure play equipment, scaffolding and other structures, such as marquee tents and bouncy castles, to prevent them from being toppled or moved by wind. Some people also use screw-in anchors of this type to attach their outdoor keep-fit resistance-band equipment.

Wall Anchors

Security wall anchors simply provide wall-mounted anchor points. This type of highly convenient anchorage is very suitable for environments in which its not possible to install robust ground anchors. Wall anchors can be bolted to wall surfaces or attached by screws to the wooden frame of a shed.

A good example of a popular wall anchor is our Shed Shackle security anchor point.

shed shackle anchor point
Shed Shackle Wall Anchor


This versatile, heavy-duty steel wall anchor attaches to a wall, or the most robust section of a wooden shed frame, via multiple screws or bolts. Valuables can then be securely chained to the Sold Secure Silver accredited anchor point.

Here`s what one reviewer has said about the Shed Shackle.

Bought a shed shackle a few years ago after the shed was broken into and 2 bikes stolen. Since then, no issues. Now that we`ve increased the number of bikes in the shed, another shackle is needed and we will link up the two with a security chain.

Bolt Down Ground Anchors

Bolt down ground anchors are very similar to wall anchors except they are intended to be attached by bolts to a robust concrete substrate, or a similar surface.

bolt down ground anchors
Bolt Down Ground Anchors


We offer an excellent selection of Sold Secure approved bolt-down ground anchors:

taurus bull ring bolt downTaurus Bull Ring Ground Anchor


The Taurus Bull-Ring bolt down ground anchor, for example, is attached to the substrate using four M10 x 70mm long, countersunk security expansion bolts with steel ball inserts. This ground anchor has achieved a Sold Secure Gold rating for both motorcycles and ATVs and consistently attracts positive reviews. When installed it is only 35mm high so it doesn’t get in the way, wherever its installed, and can be safely driven over. The 19mm hardened steel shackle will comfortably accommodate a high-security 19mm chain or even two 16mm security chains.

Bolt down ground anchors are highly suitable for situations in which excavating a hole for a concrete-in ground anchor isn’t possible. When considering which bolt down ground anchor to use its important to bear in mind the protrusion above ground and the maximum size of security chain the anchor can take.

Here`s what one customer has said about their Taurus Bull Ring ground anchor.

I recently purchased this product and have used it to secure my caravan on its storage area. I had the Taurus Bull Ring Anchor welded underneath to a steel anchor set into a concrete block buried underground so that the Taurus Bull Ring Anchor could not be pulled out of the ground unless you had a JCB. It did the job it was intended for!!

Concrete-in Ground Anchors

Concrete-in ground anchors offer the highest level of anchorage security. Our Big Boy Motorcycle ground anchor, for example, has achieved the highest possible Sold Secure Diamond rating for motorcycles. And the Sub Major Security U anchor has also achieved this stringently high security rating. As well as the higher level of anchorage security provided by concrete-in ground anchors, they also don’t present any significant above ground protuberance.

concrete in ground anchors
Concrete-In Ground Anchors


A key difference between bolt-down ground anchors and our concrete-in ground anchors is installation. Concrete-in ground anchors take a bit more work to excavate and prepare a suitable hole before concreting the device in place. But once this is done the installed ground anchor is ready to ensure reliable and immovable security anchorage for many years.

big boy ground anchor
Big Boy Concrete-In Ground Anchor


Big Boy compatible 19mm protector chains at 1.5m and 2m are available for our Big Boy ground anchor. But if you want to use other 19mm security chains, or security chains up to 25mm, then the Sub Major "U" style concrete in Ground Anchor is the right choice.

These ground anchors are firm favourites with motorcyclists who want to make certain their valued motorbikes are locked up securely, both at home and in the workplace. Here`s what one customer has said about their Big Boy ground anchor.

When I read the advert and it stated Big Boy I thought that’s the ground anchor for me. It’s to hold a trailer on our drive. I ordered it online and from that point on until it arrived 48hrs later (super quick) I was kept up to date on its progress and given a deliver time and name of the driver. I can’t recommend this product enough, it’s so heavy and chunky a real Big Boy indeed. It’s doing a perfect job and when it’s not in use it’s so discreet you’d hardly know it was there. The best part, no trip hazard when it’s retracted. Would I recommend insight security, 110% yes.

Don’t Overlook Anchor Bolts

Anchor bolts are used to robustly attach elements such as ground anchors to concrete. It should be noted that all of the bolt down ground anchors offered from our store are supplied with appropriate fixing kits that include high quality anchor bolts. A good example of a robust security anchor bolt is our Kinmar One Way Sleeve Anchor Bolt.

This security anchor bolt is a one-way design which means that once its installed it can’t be easily removed. These versatile bolts are highly secure, making them ideal for a wide range of applications where fastener security is essential.

How to Select the Right Ground or Wall Anchor

A few years ago we provided some pointers for selecting the best ground or wall anchor in our Security Ground and Wall Anchors Buyers Guide. As noted, when considering which form of ground or wall anchor is best for your needs there are a handful of questions you need to answer.

  1. What will you use the anchor point to secure?
    • Motorbike
    • Bicycle
    • Mower or ATV
    • Other valuables
    • Multiple items
  2. Where will the anchor point be installed?
    • Inside a garage or shed
    • Outdoors in a driveway
    • In a parking location
    • Elsewhere…
  3. What will the ground or wall anchor be attached to?
    • Wooden frame of shed
    • Brick or block wall of a garage
    • Concrete floor of an outbuilding
    • Tarmac driveway
    • Block paving
    • Other material…
  4. What will be used to attach valuables to the anchor point?
  5. What’s the budget for the anchor?
    • Allocating an overall budget of 10% of the item value to security is a good rule of thumb.
    • So if the anchor point is to secure two bikes with a combined value of around £10,000 then spending £1000 to cover all aspects of bike security (chains, padlocks, anchor points) is sensible.

As noted in this article, its very important to consider the size of the security chain when selecting a ground anchor as the aperture sizes vary and the chunkiest, most secure chains simply will not fit through many of the ground and wall anchors currently available.

Another important factor that should inform the choice of ground or wall anchor is the security accreditation the device has achieved. There are many devices on the market today so the quality varies enormously. Its sensible to select a device that has achieved a high level of Sold Secure approval which means its been subjected to rigorous, destructive testing to find out exactly how tough it is.

If you have any questions about ground or wall anchors, or if you have any special requirements, remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

This message was added on Thursday 2nd May 2024

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