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5-Lobe Torx

5-Lobe Torx security screws (sometimes referred to as Torx Plus) are a higher security version of the standard 6 Lobe Pin Torx Screw.

These screws feature a five lobe with central security pin drive recess (pentalobular socket) and require a matching security driver tool to install and remove.

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torx-plus-screw-head-detailSimilar to the standard 6-Lobe Security Torx Screw, the 5-Lobe Torx range of "Two-way" security screws was introduced with a new range of Matching Security Driver Tools.  

What is the Difference Between a standard Torx and 5 Lobe Torx Security Screw?

The main difference between the Standard Torx Screw and the 5 Lobe Torx Security Screw is the format of the drive recess, which is in the form of a 5 lobe star (pentalobular socket) with a central security pin rather than the 6 Lobe Star format of the standard Pin Torx. The 5-Lobe format was introduced to enhance the security level offered (the 5-Lobe are rated at security level 2).

5-Lobe Torx Screws are Manufactured from A4-70 Stainless Steel 

A4-70 Stainless Steel is a high tensile strength stainless steel with excellent corrosion resistance, making it perfect for both internal and outdoor applications and especially suitable for marine environments, the food industry and medical equipment. 

5-Lobe Torx Availability

The stock range of 5-Lobe Torx screws are manufactured from A4 Stainless Steel and offer a choice of Button Head or Countersunk Self Tapping and machine screws.

5 Lobe Torx Applications

These Self Tapping screws are suitable for use with security or safety applications and the Self Tapping screws can also be used as a direct replacement for woodscrews. As mentioned above, these screws are ideal for use in marine environments, the food industry and for medical equipment, but are suitable for use anywhere.

As with other anti tamper fastenings, 5-Lobe Torx Security screws cannot be removed with standard driver tools, so are a practical deterrent to vandals, burglars, etc.

Security Tooling

5-Lobe Torx Two-way Security screws require a special matching security driver to install or remove See the 5-Lobe Torx Driver Chart for details.


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