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Traffic - GOJAK Vehicle Skate System

Gojak - the versatile vehicle skate system

Ideal for dealing with vehicles causing an obstruction

Acute time pressure (trying to make it to a meeting on time), lack of parking spaces, or simply drivers` lack of consideration of others, often leads to vehicles being abandoned in the most inconvenient or dangerous places.

Such lack of consideration can of course be punished by plastering security labels across the vehicles windscreen, wheel clamping, or a host of other measures, however when the situation turns into a "Crisis" e.g. emergency vehicles cannot gain access to a life threatening incident, other measures are needed.

The Gojak vehicle skate system is an indispensable tool for the busy Security or Site Manager, offering a simple means of moving vehicles to an alternative location, without damage and within a matter of minutes.

A Gojak mobile wheel lifter is applied to each of the vehicles wheels, and used to crank the wheels clear of the ground. The vehicle can then be safely pushed to a new position where it can be released again (and where it could of course still be clamped for subsequent action) without damage.






With little effort from the operator, Gojak`s twin rollers gently lift the tyre in one smooth gliding action. The 360 degree castors allow the vehicle to be moved in any direction, without risk or damage.


Please Note, this page is included for information purposes only, as Insight Security no longer stock or sell this product.



Existing Gojak users include:

    Fire Brigades & Police Forces

    Public & Private car park operators

    Universities & Hospitals

    Road surfacing & Construction companies


There are two models of Gojak:


GOJAK 5000 with a load rating of 567kg (2268kg 4 units) and 4 x 100mm heavy duty castors

GOJAK 6000
with a load rating of 725kg (2722kg 4 units) and 2 x 100mm and 2 x 125mm heavy duty castors

Both models have a double pawl bi-directional ratchet mechanism and can lift tyres up to 32cm wide and from 13" to 16" wheel sizes.

GOJAK units are made from rust resistant plated steel for long operational life.


There`s also a practical storage rack available;

GOJAK RACK - storage cart holds up to 4 GOJAKs and rolls easily to job or storage area



GOJAK in use:






Clearing the way in an emergency







Simple one-person operation






Robust construction

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