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Trust Squire - The World’s Most Experienced Lock Maker


Offering an extensive range of high quality security products backed by a long tradition in lock making, passed down through eight generations, Squire is a brand you can trust. In this latest post we look at why Squire locks are always a reliable choice.

Ensuring the security of our homes, businesses and valuables has never been more challenging and important. From bicycles to boats and sheds to warehouses, security is a major concern. A key decision when considering security is selecting the right padlock. While lower grade options may be appealing, due to affordability, its always a good idea to consider the cost of the worst case scenario and mitigate risk by investing in the best security solution.

History of Squire Locks

Squire Locks is a family business with an impressive history extending way back to 1780. Over 240 years of lock making skill and knowledge has been passed down through eight generations. Today’s ultra modern Squire factory is located just 4 miles from where the business started over two centuries ago.

Way back in 1780 very few people would even consider locking their doors, unlike today. It was at this time when William Squire started making a small range of mechanism padlocks, door locks and locks for cabinets. But it was Henry Squire and his son James, the 4th and 5th generations, who really established the Squire brand and built the foundations of the business we see today.

From their humble beginnings Squire Locks have evolved from a small selection of padlocks, door locks and cabinet locks to set the standard in high quality, innovative padlocks for all manner of applications.

World’s Strongest Padlock

The development of Squire padlocks is exemplified in the Squire Stronghold SS80, launched in 2016. This exceptional, heavy-weight padlock has a 2kg solid steel body, capable of withstanding a tensile pull of 16-20 tonnes.

The ranking of the SS80 as the world’s strongest padlock has since been superseded by the incredible Squire SS100CS. This is the very first padlock to ever achieve the stringent LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) highest accreditation level of SR4. This incredible padlock represents the culmination of knowledge, manufacturing expertise and quality control that underpins the Squire Locks success story.

ss100cs with sth100
Squire SS100CS Padlock with STH100 Padbar


The Squire Stronghold SS100CS features a closed 20mm hardened boron alloy steel shackle and a dual key design. Rigorous testing has demonstrated how this incredible padlock comfortably withstands aggressive and prolonged attacks using angle grinders, bolt croppers, sledge hammers and drills. As well as the LPCM SR4 accreditation the lock is also rated to CEN6 standard and is Sold Secure Diamond approved.

Squire Padlocks for All Applications

The incredible Squire Stronghold SS100CS is clearly an excellent choice for high security applications but there are a many domestic and commercial security needs that require a variety of padlock types.

Padlocks in the Squire heavy duty range all have features that meet the needs of commercial and business applications. They are designed to withstand the rigours of harsh environments, deter tampering attempts and provide unparalleled protection against attempts to cut and break the locks.

ss50s marine padlock
Squire SS50s Marine Grade Padlock


Squire Marine Grade all weather padlocks are specifically designed to withstand the worst weather conditions and prolonged exposure to corrosive salt water. Marine padlocks feature stainless steel shackles with all-brass internal components that ensure absolute resistance to corrosion and degradation over time. The Squire SS50s long shackle marine padlock features an extra long shackle that makes the versatile lock ideal for all manner of marine applications. This high quality padlock is widely used for securing valuable boats, boatyard properties, outboard motors and even beach huts. Its also an ideal choice for securing sheds, barns and other structures in weather-beaten coastal locations.

squire d lock
Squire Stronghold D-Lock


Squire Locks has a long history in developing security solutions for bicycles and motorcycles. It was way back in 1963 that Squire Locks launched the first ever range of cycle locks in the UK. Ongoing research and development has led to todays outstanding range of best available cycle and motorcycle security solutions. These include the Squire Stronghold D16/230 D-Lock . This is a popular Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold and Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond rated lock that provides a practical, convenient way to secure two wheeled transport when out and about.

squire eiger mini
Sold Secure Gold Squire Eiger Mini


Another excellent example of Squire lock innovation for motorcyclists is the Sold Secure Gold rated Squire Eiger Mini. This is a rugged, practical motorcycle disc lock designed to be easily carried and quickly deployed to lock a motorbike brake disk, preventing the bike from being moved. This motorbike security solution consistently attracts excellent reviews.

squire eiger d lock
Squire Eiger Bicycle D-Lock


Another outstanding lock from the Squire Eiger range is the Squire Eiger 230 Heavy Duty Cycle D-Lock.  This excellent bicycle lock demonstrates how far bicycle security has advanced since first being introduced back in 1963. The lock has achieved Sold Secure Bicycle Gold accreditation and provides both a practical and affordable portable cycle security solution.

cbw85 combination padlock
Squire CBW85 Combination Padlock


Another aspect of padlock design and development in which Squire has led the field is the creation of heavy duty combination padlocks. Combination locks are very popular in applications where the distribution of multiple keys would not be suitable. They are also extremely popular in domestic applications where its not practical for people to carry bundles of keys.

A fine example is the Squire CBW85 High Security 85mm Block Wide Clearance Combination Padlock that’s widely used in a wide range of applications to secure everything from shop shutters to gates, storage units and even trades-vehicles. The padlock is designed and built to withstand aggressive attacks as well as harsh environments.

Protecting Farms from Rising Crime

The cost of living crisis is sadly resulting in increased crime rates, especially in rural locations. Recent reports and statistics from insurance companies, along with police reports, show how criminals are turning to the countryside where they know they can find valuable, resellable equipment that’s often poorly secured.

Police forces in Devon and Cornwall have issued alerts after criminals stole multiple quad bikes, garden tools and other pieces of farm equipment and valuable tractor satellite navigation systems have also been targeted in other areas.

Police forces recommend the adoption of layered security techniques that include rigorous perimeter security and the use of robust padlocks to secure outbuildings. Its also recommended that valuables, such as quad bikes, are not only locked away inside secure sheds or barns but they should also be securely chained to immovable anchor points inside these structures. Satellite navigation systems should always be removed from vehicles and securely stored away when not in use.

Squire padlocks play an important role at every level of a multilayered rural security solution. From locking gates to securing outbuildings and security-chaining valuable ATVs and other equipment, Squire padlocks provide robust, reliable theft and intrusion protection.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Squire padlocks and security products are the best available. And Squire reinforce their reputation by offering a fantastic ‘no quibble’ 10 year guarantee on all of their padlocks.

Squire Products in the Insight Security Store

If you take a look at the Insight-Security.com online store you’ll find an outstanding selection of Squire Padlocks, padlock and chain sets and high security chains. While we don’t stock the entire range of Squire products we do stock what our customers consider to be the best and most practical security solutions. In addition to those already mentioned in this post - here are some firm favourites.

Squire Stronghold SS65CS CEN6 High Security Padlock

In the same family as the previously referenced SS80 and SS100CS Squire Stronghold padlocks, this is a more compact model with a 13mm hardened Boron alloy steel closed shackle. Recommended for securing gates, commercial premises, garages, warehouses, vans, heavy goods vehicles, trailers and much more.

Squire SS50S/2.5 CEN4 High Security 50mm Solid Steel Long Shackle Padlock

Another excellent padlock from the Squire Stronghold range. This CEN4 rated padlock features a long, 50mm, open shackle that makes this a very versatile padlock for a wide variety of applications.

Squire WS75S 80mm Container Lock CEN4

This is another excellent Squire Stronghold padlock. This is one designed specifically for container security, but can be used in a wide range of applications. It features a solid, hardened steel body along with a hardened, boron steel shackle and anti-drill protection.

Squire CP60 60mm 5 Wheel Combination Padlock with 10mm shackle

This popular 5 Wheel Combination Padlock offers 100,000 possible security codes and easy configurability. It features a weather resistant design along with super-tough 10mm hardened steel shackle. Its available with three shackle options: closed shackle with 29mm clearance, standard shackle with 34mm clearance and long shackle with 63mm clearance.

Squire SS80CS-XLN Padlock and 25mm Titan Chain

This padlock and chain bundle is exactly what you need for maximum security. The bulky, hight security 25mm chain can’t be used with just any old padlock which is why its a good idea to go for a padlock and chain bundle.

Squire Defiant Disc Lock

The outstanding Squire Defiant Disc Lock is Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond approved and recognised as the toughest motorcycle disc lock you can buy. 

Sold Secure Gold Bicycle Carry Chain Set

This Sold Secure Bicycle Gold padlock and chain bundle is precisely what’s need for mobile bike security. The chain length can be tailored to suit customer requirements.

Squire TC19-5 High Security 19mm 1.5 metre Chain with extended end link

This outstanding 19mm high security chain has achieved a Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold rating, confirming its high-security credentials. The chain features a protective fabric sleeve to prevent damage to any paintwork. And the extended end link allows the chain to be used with hight security closed-shackle padlocks.

Squire STH1 Padbar and SS65CS Padlock CEN6 Bundle

This CEN6 rated hardened, cast iron Padbar with concealed heavy-duty fixings and hardened staple along with the excellent Squire CEN6 closed shackle padlock is precisely what’s needed to robustly secure doors and gates.

GA5 Garage Door Protector - Sold Secure Bronze Approved

Here’s exactly what’s needed to bolster garage door security. This Sold Secure Bronze garage door security device is quick and easy to install on all up-and-over garage doors.

Squire GA6 Ground Anchor Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond

This Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond approved ground anchor is exactly what’s needed to make it impossible for a valuable motorbike to be carried or ridden away.

Click here to see our full range of Squire Padlocks. 

Read more about our Padlock and Chain set bundles here.

If you have any questions about padlocks, chains and physical security, or if you have any special requirements, remember we are here to help. Give us a call on 01273 475500 and we’ll provide you with free, expert advice.

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