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Trust the Big Boy Ground Anchor


The popularity of our incredible Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor is growing. Back in March we proudly announced how this exceptional piece of kit had achieved the Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond accreditation - the highest possible security rating. It’s worth noting that the Big Boy ground anchor is the only telescopic ground anchor to have achieved this remarkable security rating. This week you can see the Big Boy featured in Motorcycle News, the worldwide authority on everything related to motorcycles.

Why You Need a Big Boy

Most experienced motorcyclists know there is a huge criminal demand for their motorbikes. With around 40,000 motorcycle thefts a year in England and Wales there’s a high probability that, sooner or later, many will become the victims of crime. And those who reside and work in larger urban areas are at the highest risk. It’s startling to hear that more motorcycles are stolen in the UK than are purchased new.

It’s reported that many motorcycle thefts are perpetrated by a number of highly organised, specialised criminal gangs. They tend to be primarily concentrated around London but also very active in areas such as West Yorkshire, West Midlands and Greater Manchester. And notably, 80% of motorbikes are stolen directly from their owners’ homes. The typical technique used by experienced motorbike thieves is to track bike riders to where they live and then a number of gang members quickly lift the targeted motorbike into the back of their large van using a couple of scaffolding poles through the wheels. The whole theft operation can take as little as 20 seconds.

This is why it’s essential for all motorbike riders to pay special attention to their bike security at home, as well as when on the move.

big boy ground anchor with sold secure motorcycle diamond certification
Big Boy Ground Anchor with Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond Certification

How to Keep Your Motorbike Secure

It’s clearly essential for every motorcyclist to take adequate precautions to keep their valuable bikes safe and secure at home. As well as immobilisers and alarms, primary security recommendations include:

  • Storing your motorbike securely, out of sight, in a locked garage or somewhere similar - and importantly -
  • Attaching the motorbike to an immovable anchor point.

Our Big Boy ground anchor, the toughest telescopic motorcycle ground anchor on the market today, provides the best available anchor point.

Even when a motorbike is locked away in a garage it’s essential to anchor it in place using a high security chain and robust anchor. Sadly, this is often overlooked by many riders who think that once their bikes are in their garages or sheds they are secure. Thieves know this and they also know that once they have broken into the garage or storage shed they’ll generally be able to quickly grab the motorbike and lift it into the back of their van. But a Big Boy ground anchor and robust, high security chain presents a significant obstacle that prevents the targeted bike from being stolen.

Big Boy is Best

Word appears to be getting around that our Big Boy motorcycle ground anchor is the best telescopic ground anchor available today. As noted, it’s the only telescopic ground anchor to achieve the highly rigorous Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond accreditation, the highest security rating possible. This means the Big Boy has undergone extreme testing using a wide range of destructive attack techniques, such as an angle grinder attack, which the Big Boy has withstood with ease. 

big boy motorcycle ground anchor
Heavy Duty Big Boy Motorcycle Ground Anchor

So if thieves follow you and your valuable motorbike to your home, where you securely anchor your motorcycle to a Big Boy, they’ll be wasting their time and will move on to find alternative targets. Organised criminal gangs that specialise in motorcycle theft know that many riders don’t pay adequate attention to motorbike security at their homes so they’ll always go for easier targets.

To find out more about our Big Boy Heavy Duty Motorcycle Ground Anchor and how to secure your valuable motorbike (or other valuables) give us a call on 01273 475500. We are always happy to help.

This message was added on Thursday 27th May 2021

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