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SM CV650 Clearview Illuminated Under Vehicle Search & Inspection Mirror

Product code: SM CV650

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Our Under Vehicle Search Mirror with high performance COB LED lamp ensures crystal clear reflections whatever the weather or ambient lighting



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SM CV650 Clearview Illuminated Under Vehicle Search & Inspection Mirror SKU Number - MRR20100

Whether you need to check the underside of vehicles for contraband, stowaways, explosives or anything else, the exciting upgraded Clearview SM CV650 Illuminated Search and Inspection Mirror from Insight Security is your best choice.

Designed and manufactured in the UK to meet the demanding needs of Security Operatives everywhere, this rugged, state of the art illuminated Trolley Mirror type Inspection Mirror, is built to deliver many years of reliable service at maximum potential.

Here are just some of the reasons that Security Professionals, Fleet Managers and other users love it;

Reliable Inspection Mirror Performance

Robust construction, from quality components protects against mechanical failure and ensures easy lateral movement of the trolley in any direction. But the main benefit for the user is the crystal clear, well lit images reflected in the generous size mirror which is crucial for any successful search or inspection.

The combination of the powerful, energy efficient light (650 lumen) along wiht the large-size mirror, enables the user to quickly, efficiently and confidently scan the whole of the area under inspection.

The high-efficiency, low energy consumption LED lamp, allows continuous full power operation for up to 9 hours from the rechargeable battery. This means it`s possible to leave the lamp on continuously during busy periods of use. And when the battery needs recharging, even a full recharge will take under 2.5 hours.

We are often asked "do you need to use the light on a sunny day"?. The answer is that it will certainly make life very much easier for the user. Illumination from the powerful LED lamp minimises the sharp contrast between the darker area being inspected and the brighter surroundings enabling operators to clearly see what they are inspecting.

Rugged Mirror Construction and Futureproofing

This state-of-the art illuminated inspection mirror is the ideal under vehicle search mirror, built to withstand the knocks it’s likely to encounter while being used in hostile or demanding environments.

An all-round rubber bumper protects against collision damage from or to objects it bumps into during use. Whilst the availability of easy to fit, customer-installable replacement components protects your investment into the future - should the worst happen and your unit gets damaged.

Energy Efficient Power & Lighting

Using energy efficient, high power, state of the art COB LED lighting technology and powered by a safe, ruggedised, high performance Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery, this unit will deliver continuous, high-brightness illumination of the search or inspection area for up to 9 hours on a single battery charge.

The UN 38.3 certified battery is safe to transport by air, sea or road and is easily fully recharged in just a couple of hours using the supplied rapid charger.

With over 650 Lumens of powerful light output, you can rely on this superb trolley mirror to illuminate every nook and dark corner to ensure you don’t miss anything during your search or inspection.

Unbreakable Mirror

The generous 320 x 320mm, unbreakable polycarbonate mirror with its protective, hard coated, scratch resistant surface, presents crystal clear images whatever the weather or ambient light conditions. And unlike cheaper plastic mirrors, it won`t shatter into sharp shards even if you accidentally drop something heavy onto it.

Versatile Low Profile Design

With a maximum height of just 94mm, this low-profile unit is designed to slip easily under even the lowest vehicle, storage shelf, seating or whatever is being inspected. Whilst high quality castors coupled with the convenient, telescopic “T” bar handle, allow effortless movement and will minimise operator fatigue even during extended periods of use.

Key Features

  • High performance COB LED illuminator for superb lighting.
  • Ruggedised rechargeable battery certified safe to UN38.3 standard - safe for all forms of travel.
  • Unbreakable large polycarbonate mirror for easy viewing and rapid scanning of large areas.
  • Built to last, rugged construction with all round protective bumper.
  • Telescopic, folding handle with positive lock for easy carrying.
  • Availability of replacement, easy fit, customer installable components.
  • No easily removable components that can be weaponised and used against operatives.

 Applications and Users

  • Ports & Airports
  • Border Control
  • Police and Military
  • HM Prisons and Young Offender Institutions
  • Fleet Managers
  • Retail and Commercial Organisations
  • Arenas and Stadia
  • Public Buildings and premises

Certifications and Conformance

The SM CV650 illuminated inspection mirror is UKCA, CE and RoHS certified

The special Tracer LiPo (Lithium Polymer) battery pack is also UN38.3 certified, which means that the unit can be safely transported by land, sea, or air (including passage on commercial flights), without the need for any special precautions. 


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