Union Doorsense Fire Door Releaser

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DoorSense - a high quality door release unit which allows a fire door to be to legally kept open and auto-release if the fire alarm sounds, or at a set time



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Union Doorsense Fire Door Releaser

DoorSense is a standalone door release unit which is designed to be fixed to a fire door to provide a reliable way to keep the door open, but automatically release it if the fire alarm sounds, or at a set time.

• Automatically releases if fire alarm sounds, or at a set time (if timer function used) and can be manually overridden if required
• Powered by 2 x 1.5V DC LR14 Size (C cell) Batteries
• Low Battery indicator warns if batteries need replacing
• Robust, practical a curved, fire-retardant casing helps to avoid unit damage by deflecting accidental impacts
• Available in Black, Red and White
• Compliant with BS EN 1155 - EMC Tested and rated for timber doors (FD120)
• Easy to fit has the same footprint / fixing points as many older units
• Dimensions; Width: 194mm - Height: 207mm - Depth: 43mm



DoorSense comes as a complete kit with; the unit itself, easy fixing template, fixings, batteries and a choice of floor plates.

Incredibly easy to Install in just a minute or two, these units require no wiring or specialist skills and even use the same footprint as some older units (making them an ideal and more cost effective replacement for damaged or faulty old units).

DoorSense is both robust and practical. Unlike older type competitor units, the casing on the DoorSense unit is fire-retardant and the curved design of the casing helps to deflect impacts and keep the unit looking smart even when subjected to extreme treatment.


Legal Conformance and Safety

DoorSense is Compliant with BS EN 1155 - EMC Tested and rated for timber doors (FD120) and offers a legally compliant way of leaving a fire door open for deliveries, improved ventilation or any other reason.

The unit is designed to automatically release the door when the fire alarm sounds. It features an easy sensitivity adjustment to ensure optimum performance in any specific locations where the standard sensitivity setting may result in the release mechanism being activated by general high noise volume other than a fire alarm, for instance.

When used, the timer function can be set to automatically release the door at a given time, i.e. you may decide that doors should automatically close at 6pm (or any other time you choose).

Of course, there is also a manual override, so a gentle tap on the kickstop will immediately release the retainer foot from the floorplate, allowing the door to close.

Additional Products for use with DoorSense

Door Closer – once the fire door is released, a door closer mechanism is obviously needed to actually close the door.

The Union RetroV overhead door closer is an ideal choice, delivering reliable performance at a very modest price. (it`s also a straight forward and cheaper replacement for other manufacturers older door closer units, often even using the same fixing holes).

Preventing Finger Trapping Accidents – closing fire doors can pose a risk of injury to fingers especially among children or the elderly. A finger trapped in the hinge cavity of a closing door for instance could result in painful injuries and ultimately even amputation...

According ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and as reported by BBC News (October 2017), About 30,000 children trap their fingers in doors each year and more than 1,500 of them need surgery.

...and according to Bapras (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons), self-shutting fire safety doors, car doors and hinges are the top three causes of finger and hand injuries in children.

(you can see the full BBC article at; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-41583836)

Although there are several types of finger protector on the market, many offer little or no real protection against finger trapping accidents and only one (FingerProtector TM), has met the stringent test standards of the "Children`s Charter Organisation" and is recommended by them.


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How to install the DoorSense Fire Door Retainer

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