What is Anti-climb Paint

anti-climb paint effectively stops climbers and intruders

Anti-climb paint is a non-toxic, petroleum gel based security paint which does not set. This slippery material makes attempting to climb on areas painted with it virtually impossible.

The Anti-climb paint itself is a messy, gloopy substance which, as well as preventing people from climbing, will also soil the clothes and skin of any would be intruders if they try. It is often refered to using a variety of terms including: non-drying paint, anti-intruder paint, anti-vandal grease, anti vandal paint. It is a highly effective, low cost anti-climb deterrent and intrusion prevention barrier.



What Does Anti Climb Paint do?

After asking what is Anti-climb paint?, the next question asked is often "what problem does it do" and "what problems does it solve?" It is a type of security paint which is designed to stop burglars, vandals or other unwelcome intruders from climbing walls or poles in order to gain access to your property or maybe reach a pole mounted camera or lighting assembly. Anti-climb paint is a low cost intrusion barrier that is very easy to apply while being a highly effective anti-climb deterrent and obstacle to would-be intruders.

How does Anti-climb paint work?

Anti Climb paint is typically painted onto walls, roofs, drainpipes, guttering, window ledges and parapets, CCTV poles and street lighting posts among other areas. It makes it almost impossible to gain a handhold or foothold on any surface painted with it, thus deterring and preventing unwanted visitors from accessing areas that are off limits.

Non-toxic Anti-climb paint is another of our non-aggressive forms of perimeter security product and could potentially solve a problem where someone may have a duty of care, or would like a more discreet method of protecting their property.

Anti-climb paint works by remaining slippery. Unlike regular forms of paint, anti-climb paint does not set hard. It remains sticky and slippery, making it almost impossible to get a foot or handhold on any painted surface. As noted in the usage notes below, it must be applied quite thickly (2 to 3mm) in order to be effective.

Where can Anti-climb paint be used?

Anti-climb paint can be effectively used in all manner of places and as it is non-toxic, will not harm people or animals. It can however be harmful to aquatic environments, so is not suitable for use around ponds or other water areas.

To avoid accidental contact with the painted surfaces by innocent passers by, it is generally recommended that anti climb paint should only be applied above head height and ideally at a minimum height of 2.4 metres from the ground. We would also recommend displaying Hi Viz Anti Climb Paint warning signs when using this product and in fact this is likely to be a legal requirement if the product is used at commercial premises.

How to Use Anti Climb Paint

It should be remembered that anti climb paint remains wet and slippery and can therefore be transfered onto clothing. So its always a good idea to apply the paint only where people and passers-by will not accidentally come into contact with it, otherwise it will mark their clothes. Painting walls and poles above head height is a good technique.

Anti climb paint can be safely applied to any type of material including wood, metal, painted surfaces, brick, roof tiles, plastic guttering etc. It will even help to weatherproof and protect a surface, extending its life.

When applying the paint you must remember that it needs to be applied quite thickly, at least 2-3mm in thickness. This helps to prevent the coating from drying out. It is generally best applied with a disposable brush, as this saves the need to clean the brush afterwards.

Although anti-climb paint is non-toxic and will not harm people or animals it can be harmful to aquatic environments, so is not suitable for use around ponds or other water areas.

If you have protected an area with anti-climb paint it is a good practcice to warn people as this helps prevent unwanted clothing contamination and ensures compliance with the Occupiers Liability Act 1984. Insight Security provide the anti-climb paint warning signs needed. 

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